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Birthstone Jewelry Gift Ideas for March

March 3, 2021
Birthstone Jewelry

March birthstone jewelry is so simple yet meaningful. The birthstone for March is the Aquamarine stone. This stone is a light blue and captures the beauty of the still brisk March weather. The March birthstone meaning is a symbol of youth, health, and hope. 

March Birthstone Necklaces

  1. Dainty Rose Gold Names and a Stone Necklace– The rose gold charm in this personalized necklace complements the Aquamarine charm so well. The ability to personalize this Aquamarine necklace with a name makes this the perfect gift in March. 
Dainty rose gold name disc and birthstone necklace
  1. Dainty Drop Sterling Silver Necklace– For the mama wanting to add a child born in March to their jewelry, this is the perfect option. Customize each charm with the name of your children and their individual birthstone. Save a spot for your March birthstone baby and complete it once they are born!
Dainty sterling silver name disc and birthstone drop necklace
  1. Dainty Birthstone Disc Necklace– Looking for a more simple jewelry gift for a wife? A dainty necklace showing off the birthstone of March is sure to put a smile on her face. The March birthstone color compliments silver very well and can be worn with any look!
Dainty birthstone disc necklace

March Birthstone Bracelets

  1. Custom Birthstone Bar BraceletAquamarine jewelry has an advantage over other birthstone jewelry because it pairs well with other stones. Being able to pair the March birthstone with other metals and stones makes it very versatile. A bracelet with stones is a great gift for a mom, sibling, or even friend. 
Custom birthstone bar bracelet
  1. Dainty Drop Bracelet– Perfect to pair with a light sweater, a dainty bracelet with an Aquamarine charm is a go-to piece. The birthstone of march can be shown off on this unique bracelet. Use this bracelet as a conversation piece with our choice of birthstones and hand-stamped names. 
Dainty name disc and birthstone drop bracelet

March Birthstone Rings

  1. Stacking Birthstone Sterling Rings– With the option of a plain band or beaded band, this ring paired with the March birthstone has so much potential. Stacking Aquamarine rings make the best gift for any occasion. Sterling silver is great when paired with the beautiful Aquamarine and stacked with multiple bands.
Stackable birthstone sterling silver rings
  1. Dainty Golden Birthstone Rings–  For the ultimate dainty look, try our most simple stacking ring. Pair the March birthstone with a gold or silver band. Aquamarine rings make the perfect gift for your friends with march birthdays or even yourself. 
Dainty golden birthstone rings

Picking out the perfect jewelry gift idea in March becomes easy when you have options for every loved one! Anyone with a birthday in March will keep Aquamarine jewelry for years to come. The Vintage Pearl offers quality, meaningful jewelry and has many options for March Birthstone jewelry

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