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Birthstone Jewelry Gift Ideas for February

February 8, 2021
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The February birthstone is an Amethyst. Amethyst Jewelry is a beautiful purple that embodies luxury. The February birthstone meaning is said to strengthen relationships and give the wearer courage. With Valentine’s Day happening in February, any of these Amethyst jewelry options would make such sweet personalized gifts. 

February Birthstone Necklaces

  • Dainty Birthstone Disc Necklace– Looking for an Amethyst Necklace to gift your daughter or granddaughter this February? This dainty silver necklace paired with a February birthstone might be just what you are looking for! This timeless personalized necklace is perfect for a young lady or a mother or grandmother. It is very versatile and beautiful with the February birthstone color. 
February birthstone necklace – Dainty disc necklace
  • Custom Birthstone Bar Necklace– The simplicity of this necklace, when paired with the February birthstone, makes it a piece everyone could wear. The February birthstone color, a light purple, is elegant and meaningful. Since the meaning of the Amethyst is said to strengthen relationships, this necklace would be a very meaningful Valentine’s Day gift
Birthstone personalized necklace
February birthstone rectangle necklace

February Birthstone Bracelets

  • Custom Birthstone Bar Bracelet– This custom piece can represent up to 8 family members with the ability to personalize the types of stones. Choose all Amethyst stones to gift a February baby, or one for each of your loved ones. The birthstone of February is a beautiful statement on any day of the week. 
Birthstone personalized bracelet
Dainty drop birthstone charm bracelet

February Birthstone Rings

February birthstone rings – Amethyst rings in gold

February birthstone jewelry is one of a kind and holds so much meaning. For someone that was born in February or has a child in February, the amethyst birthstone can be a great gift. The simplicity and beauty of Amethyst jewelry make it versatile and fit for all ages. The Vintage Pearl is here to help you pick out the perfect gift in February!

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