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Birthday Jewelry Gifts for April

March 15, 2021
April Birthstone Necklace

When looking for April birthstone jewelry, the possibilities are endless. The April birthstone, a diamond, is a symbol of everlasting love and is thought to bring courage. Hence, it is a perfect gift for any of your loved ones with a birthday in April. Show your loves how much they are valued!

 “Diamond” is actually derived from the Greek word “Adamas” and means “invincible.” In the middle ages, diamonds were also thought to hold healing powers and used as healing crystals. April is also named after the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, who represents love and beauty. When you gift a diamond, you can explain the meaning behind the month of April and how you think your loved one is oh, so beautiful!

For so many reasons, a diamond can be a meaningful April birthstone gift for any special person in your life. The Vintage Pearl has many birthstone jewelry options for you to choose from. We have curated a list of our top-selling birthstone jewelry pieces we think you will love.

Birthstone Rings:

Personalized Birthstone rings can become a well-loved piece in anyone’s jewelry box so easily. That is why it is such a great gift, especially for birthdays. Complete it with a delicate diamond and a custom engravement to make it that much more special. 

Custom Birthstone Ring:

April is usually when the weather starts to warm up after Spring officially starts. The warmer weather will put away all of your long sleeves and gloves to give you the ability to show off more jewelry! This is the perfect opportunity to show off a birthstone ring. The diamond has the ability to match with every outfit. Custom birthstone rings are great gifts for anyone celebrating a birthday in April.

Custom Birthstone Ring

Gold Name and Stone Stacking Ring Set:

For the ladies that like to layer their jewelry, a ring stack is just for them! Stackable birthstone rings are ideal for moms or others who like to wear multiple rings at once. You can choose any name or initial to pair with your diamond birthstone ring to make the perfect combo. Birthstone rings for moms do not have to be boring! The unique setting and stone can complement any other ring as well.

Gold Name and Stone Stacking Ring Set

Birthstone Bracelets: 

For a more traditional lady, a sweet birthstone bracelet might be more their style. With the option of adding a diamond birthstone to the piece, it can also become a family heirloom. Diamonds are so versatile that anyone can wear them, even if not born in April. 

Dainty Drop Bracelet:

This lovely bracelet has the ability to show off up to 8 birthstones! Pair this personalized bracelet with a diamond birthstone to elevate your next look. This piece will easily become a conversation starter as you can also add an engraved name on each charm!

Dainty Drop Bracelet

Custom Birthstone Bar Bracelet:

This unique bracelet can hold eight diamond birthstones and steal the show! Choose all diamond birthstones to customize the bracelet into a great piece representing April. Perfect to stack with other bracelets and to mix metals with, we pair this with so many looks.

Custom Birthstone Bar Bracelet

Birthstone Necklaces:

Once again, with the warm weather approaching, we are able to break out the short sleeves and tank tops to show off our necklaces! There is no better time for a birthday necklace than this time of year. We have found a few of our favorites to show off your new diamond birthstone.

Dainty Rose Gold Names and a Stone Necklace:

Rose gold is a great match with any birthstone. The diamond specifically creates a simple and timeless look. With the ability to personalize with any name, this birthstone necklace is ideal to be worn by anyone of any age! It also adds a reflective piece that captures light and shines, just like you!

Dainty Rose Gold Names and A Stone Necklace

Dainty Birthstone Heart Necklace:

This personalized birthstone necklace is the sweetest gift for your littlest love with a birthday in April. This gives you a perfect chance to introduce them to their diamond birthstone. With this birthstone, you can explain to them the meaning of a diamond birthstone and how much you love them! The month of April birthstone can make a subtle statement without being over the top.

Dainty Birthstone Heart Necklace

The April birthstone has stolen the hearts of many because of its versatility and meaning. We believe that since it represents everlasting love, what better gift than to give to someone you love. Finding a gift for someone as they reach another milestone in their life can leave a lasting impression on them.

The diamond is also rumored to offer clarity, balance, and abundance. For those who might have had a rough year, you can gift them something that represents more than just “Happy Birthday.” You can gift them hope and a look into their shining future!

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