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The True Meaning of July Birthstones

July 22, 2020

July is a month filled with hot summer days and celebrations. It is the smell of fresh burgers on the grill and cooling breezes wafting in from the lake. It’s a month that lives in our memories for the rest of the year. For some, July isn’t just the peak of the summer months, but their birthday month! We traditionally associate July birthdays with the ruby gemstone, a gem that hints at the liveliness of the month with its intensity and uniqueness.

A July birthstone’s color can range from a softer pink to red, but is usually a dark and exotic red (another pointer to the month that it represents!).

The history of these July birthstones can be traced to ancient days and cultures. Monarchies often used these extraordinarily rare and precious gems in their crowns to demonstrate an elite status. The ruby color also carried the significance of health, vitality, and often love. In some cultures, it was even believed that wearing a ruby-colored gem could make one invincible during battle. Legend held them up as the gem of life, the only stone that could rival the color of a sunset.

Today, rubies are still seen as exotic. We may not believe they have the gift of immortality, but they certainly add pops of color to our lives. For July birthdays especially, the ruby gemstone represents the vitality and daring of the summer month.

The Vintage Pearl offers several different stylings of a Swarovski ruby for any gift, whether for someone else’s July birthday or as a treat for yourself (you deserve it!).

Dainty Drop Bracelet

The charm bracelet style has been around as far back as 600 BC. Continue this age-old tradition with a drop bracelet and specialize it with a hand-stamped name and a vividly red July birthstone. As you add years and experiences to your life, you can add meaningful charms that represent these.

Dainty Drop Bracelet

Blessed With Birthstone Necklace

If you prefer to wear your birthstone as a necklace, this July birthstone necklace is perfect for you. The Swarovski crystal birthstones are encircled by beautiful organic handmade ring-plates that can be engraved with a unique and meaningful word or phrase. This circle necklace will remind you of your loved ones and the eternal nature of your love that surrounds them.

Blessed With Birthstones Necklace

Stacking Birthstone Sterling Rings

These handmade July birthstone rings are elegant with slim bands that can be hammered as smooth rings or slightly beaded bands (imagine running your hands over rings that aren’t perfectly smooth but have a vintage, handmade feel). You can set one ring with a ruby Swarovski July birthstone and the other stacking ring with another gem of your choice. This is another great everyday piece that will compliment your unique style (and give off major minimalist vibes).

Stacking Birthstones Sterling Ring

Name & Stone Stacking Ring Set

Add some extra personalization to your stacking ring set with this wider band that can be hand-stamped with your choice of words! These two rings make a statement that demonstrates just how well you know your special someone (or if you are the birthday girl, treat yourself!) – with a birthstone for July paired with a meaningful name ring. Personalize with a phrase like “brave” or “strong” for a daily reminder that whatever life may bring; you are the real gem being strengthened and refined.

Name & Stone Stacking Ring Set

Dainty Drops With Names Sterling Silver Necklace

This personalized name necklace features a sterling silver disc rimmed with hand-stamped words around the edge. A stand-alone July birthstone gem sits in the middle, and you can add other birthstones (kids, family, even pets!). The perfect piece that’s a statement but also small enough to wear daily.

Dainty Drop With Names Sterling Silver Necklace

Birthstone Drop Necklace

If simple is your go-to-look, we recommend this sweet July birthstone necklace. This dainty chain is lined with several stones of your choice. It’s the perfect layering piece or worn alone for a simple look that works with any outfit, any season and any person. You can’t go wrong with this necklace. It also looks like a princess necklace, which can only be a good thing.

Birthstone Drop Necklace

Golden Dainty Drops Necklace

This birthstone necklace is bound to be a favorite. You can choose the number and special color of Swarovski birthstones and we will place them on a golden chain. You can customize this necklace with a July birthstone to hang down and create the ultimate sweet and simple look (pro tip: this necklace pairs perfectly with fun statement earrings or a shorter gold necklace.)

Golden Dainty Drops Necklace

We want to celebrate the vibrancy and joy that July birthdays bring to our lives with these fun pieces from The Vintage Pearl. Just like everyone’s thumbprint is one-of-a-kind, we handcraft and customize these July birthstone pieces to capture your unique life.

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