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Birthstone Jewelry Gift Ideas for October

October 22, 2020

To be completely honest, October is one of our favorite months. The weather is chilling, and we are slowing down after the heat of the summer and before the intensity of the holidays. October is the perfect month for long walks and outdoor dinner parties underneath the stars and string lights. It’s the month of pumpkins and harvest themed-everything, and we love the slower pace that fall brings. Since October is the calm before the holidays, it’s only fitting that  October birthdays are commemorated with an enchanting and calming October birthstone–pink tourmaline. 

The October birthstone’s color tends toward being light pink but can range to a deeper pink, almost red, hue. At The Vintage Pearl, our October birthstones are made from genuine Swarovski crystals and are a perfectly pink shade, not too pale or too intense. As the October birthstone gem, pink tourmaline signifies peace or healing in some cultures, and the pink stone is thought to bring joy and health to the wearer. 

1. Everlasting Birthstone Necklace

This silver pendant strung on a sweet chain is a step above subtle, but not quite a statement piece. The circle could represent the unending nature of love for a mother, daughter, or wife. Customize this piece with the October birthstone and gift for a great every day and eye-catching piece. 

2. Initial Chain

We love this necklace because it’s just plain sweet. Tiny and simple, you can print an initial on the small charm and add a pink tourmaline birthstone. This necklace is perfect as a birthday gift for those who prefer to keep their jewelry simple.

3. Awareness Necklace

If advocating for cancer fighters and survivors has a special place in your or your loved one’s heart, this special charm is a beautiful signifier of support and love! You can add a name or word to make this October birthstone necklace even more customized and incredibly meaningful. 

4. Super Dainty Stacking Rings

Some of our favorite pieces, these sweet stacking rings are perfect to be worn stacked together or on separate fingers. These rings are on-trend right now with a more minimalist look. We also love that you can get up to 5 of these simple rings, so you either go with a super simple look or stack them to be more eye-catching.

5. Dainty Golden Birthstone Ring

Similar to the stacking ring, but just a hair thicker (and we mean a hair), this simple birthstone ring is the epitome of elegance. Paired with pink tourmaline, this October birthstone ring is an everyday piece to be worn for years and years. It will go with any outfit and add a touch of elegance (we bet it will even look good with overalls).

6. Name & Stone Stacking Ring Set

This ring duo would make a great birthstone jewelry gift. We love this set because it’s simple but also super customizable, making it a meaningful piece to wear every day. You can request that a name or a phrase, like “brave” or “dream”, be stamped onto the larger band, while the October birthstone can be set into the sweet smaller band. 

7. Charm Bracelet

Who didn’t dream of having a charm bracelet as a little girl? These bracelets are the adult version of our childhood dreams. Elegant and simple, you can simply slide the charms or birthstones on to this band to create a special piece. (Pro-tip, give this as a gift and then buy an additional meaningful charm each year for a birthday gift.)

8. Drop Necklace

We love this October birthstone necklace for its simplicity (and because we like pretty things..). This necklace can be worn alone or layered with another necklace to create a fun, creative look. 

9. Custom Ring

You probably noticed we love our rings, and this one is just as special. This October birthstone ring features a thicker band that creates a cool look for everyday or special occasions. What makes this ring super special though, is the engraving on the inside of the band that’s just for the wearer. It’s like the invisible ink of rings.

10. Birthstone Necklace

Last, but not least, we have our favorite picks for moms. This necklace features the circular pendant symbolizing unending love, an inscription, and birthstones. You can’t go wrong with this necklace, because it has it all. 

Fall is here, and so are the October birthdays. Celebrate yourself or the ones you love with something that’s not just beautiful, but is also deeply meaningful. We love our customizable jewelry because the pieces can communicate a message to their wearer, a message of love and hope and blessing (things deeply needed in 2020). This month, celebrate with one (or several) Vintage Pearl pieces and be sure to tag us in your pictures at @thevintagepearl.

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