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Gifts For a November Birthday

October 28, 2020

November chases October in a flurry of sweaters, boots, and sudden dips in temperature. It’s the month when we officially rid ourselves of any summer dreams or shorts and settle down into the cozy and celebratory feeling of November and December. If you’re anything like us, November is when we start baking like nobody’s business. We bake, make tea, and invite people over to picnic on the coffee table because no cold weather can keep us away from our favorite weekend pastime. November is a month of pumpkins outside and a turkey roasting inside. 

November might be the beginning of the chilliest season, but we think it’s genuinely one of the warmest months. Indeed, November’s birthday gemstone follows suit. Yellow Topaz is November’s birthstone, and it’s warm, the golden hue is infused with cozy-feeling of sitting by a fireplace with hot cocoa. As much as we love it now, the Yellow Topaz has a long history of admirers who associated the November birthstone’s color with healing and wisdom. A typical medieval custom was to give topaz rings to royalty, heads of state, and diplomats. 

Do you have a November birthday that is as warm and inviting as the birthstone itself? Be sure to gift them a Yellow Topaz ring, necklace, or bracelet that’s personalized just for them. At Vintage Pearl, we have a ton of customizable birthstone options for your November birthday. Below are some of our favorite picks for your meaningful gift! 

Our Picks for A November Birthday

So you’re looking for a gift for a November Birthday! The Yellow Topaz is one of our favorite gems, and we can’t for your birthday recipient to open a handmade, customized piece of jewelry that matches their style and carries a special message from you to them, whether that be an inscribed word, a birthstone or more.

Sweet Golden Ring

This precious golden ring will look even lovelier with a November Yellow Topaz birthstone. We love this ring for its simplicity. It’s sure to add a hint of daintiness to every look. A great everyday ring, it should match just about anyone’s style. This is an excellent pick for your November birthday if you’re not sure what their style is. You really can’t go wrong with this sweet ring.

Multiple Birthstone Drop Necklace

This unique necklace style features several simple birthstones on one delicate chain. Another one of our favorite pieces is excellent jewelry for moms or grandmoms who would love to have their gemstone and their families. We love how modern. 

Birthstone Bar Necklace

Mix up our classic golden bar necklace with birthstone beads! This style is a unique option that’s super sweet alone but ideal for layering. This November birthstone necklace is the perfect gift for anyone who loves their layers (and their November birthday gemstone). If you want to go all out with this gift, you can add another of these necklaces and choose a shorter or longer chain so that they can be layered together. For the second necklace, select the birthstone of a husband, child, or meaningful friend or family member to make this gift extra special.  

Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets are the ultimate personalized piece of jewelry. This November Birthstone bracelet is the perfect gift for anyone that loves bracelets and who’s on the sentimental side. Charms can be customized with a name and birthstone, and more charms can be added for each birthday. We love that a charm bracelet can house more beauty each year and think it’s a great representation of life (and a perfect November birthday present).

Name Necklace

Meaningful and straightforward, you can’t get better than that. A favorite pick of moms and grandmas alike, we put this on the list because of its uber personalized nature. Not only does this necklace feature the November birthstone (as well as any other birthstone you would like to add), but it adds a pearl and a customizable name or word plate. Perfect gift for the grandma or mom or sister who likes a little extra personalization. 

Minimalist Stacking Rings

The daintiest ring you’ll ever see, these stacking rings are our favorite November Birthstone rings for the minimalist in your life. These rings can be customized with the November Yellow Topaz or other birthstone gems, and you can get up to five of these beauties for your November birthday. Wear one on each hand for a trendy, fun look, or wear them stacked to make it a bolder one. We love these rings and would choose them if we had a November birthday.

Drop Necklace

Our last pick for your November Birthday jewelry gift is this gorgeous drop necklace that features a front and center birthstone. For the gold lovers, this pretty November Birthstone necklace can be hand-stamped with the name of a loved one or even an inspiring word. “Courageous” would be an appropriate word for 2020.

Give an extraordinary customized ring, necklace, or bracelet this month for a warm and unique gift that’s sure to be as exciting as the Holiday Season (and the Pumpkin Pie).

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