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Favorite Picks For December Birthdays

December 3, 2020

The last month of the year is always a flurry of parties (and hopefully some snow, too). It’s like all the celebrations you’ve held in for most of the year explode in a burst of green and red confetti followed by the ringing in a brand new year. 2020 has been a strange year for most of us, feeling like both the longest and quickest year. But December is December, no matter the year. Cold, cozy, and full of celebrating the passing of another year and the entrance of a new one. It’s for your family and friends, for sharing what you have, for hot cocoa and fires. The December birthstone, blue zircon, reflects all of this, but most of all, it reminds us of a snowflake. Delicate and magical, just like December. 

The December birthstone color is a light, yet vibrant hue. Zircon is one of the oldest gems to be found, and it was often just as valuable and sought after as diamonds. December’s birthstone is reminiscent of the chilly season, and yet it’s sparkle brings to mind the many celebrations of the month. In medieval times, blue zircon was thought to help with sleep, relaxation, and warding off anything evil. We’re hoping it wards off any extra holiday weight from the Christmas pies. So do you have any December birthday presents? We’ve gathered a few of our favorite pieces of December birthstone jewelry below so that you can find something perfect for your loved one (or for yourself) this December!

A model wearing the birthstone jewelry. Jewelry made with December birthstones.
Personalized Jewelry

Best Gifts For December Birthdays

Are you looking for a perfect piece of December birthstone jewelry? The Vintage Pearl doesn’t just have beautiful birthstone jewelry, but our pieces are also highly personalizable. Personalizing a piece of jewelry for your friend or family member adds an extra level of uniqueness and is a great gift to let them know that they are known and seen. Give a gift that’s been handcrafted just for them. What’s more thoughtful than that? 

Circle Birthstone Necklace

This beautiful necklace is both personalized and symbolic. The ring of silver could represent a forever love, and make this an excellent gift for a wife, a mother, or even a sister. Personalized with the lovely blue zircon for a December birthday, this necklace is a beautiful gift for someone who loves a unique style. 

Hand-stamped Birthstone Rings

One of our favorites picks for December birthdays; this ring set is a simple and highly personalized gift for your person. The two bands could be worn together or apart. One is personalized with the December birthstone, while the other can be hand stamped with a name or a meaningful word. Are you gifting this to someone who just started a new business? We would hand-stamp the word “brave” into the silver band. Or maybe this is a gift for your grandma? “Nana” would look great on this ring, too. 

Model wearing the birthstone rings

Drop Necklace

This lovely necklace is a perfect gift for mothers, grandmas, and aunties. You can add as many charms as you would like to the necklace. The pendants feature a birthstone and a name, depending on what style you want. A perfect necklace to add kid’s birthstones for a daily reminder of forever family. Or if you are buying this for a fashionista, or Carrie Bradshaw enthusiast, you can add their first name and a December birthstone. If you prefer a gold look, we have the same drop necklace but in gold. 

Stacking Rings

Our go-to gift for the minimalist in your life is a set of these fantastic stacking rings. The most simple touch of a ring that’s inset with a tiny birthstone ring. These rings can be stacked for a bolder look or worn separately for a comprehensive cool-girl look. 

Model stacking the birthstone rings with other rings

Child’s Charm Bracelet

We don’t just have personalizable pieces for adults. This precious bracelet is the perfect, very first jewelry present that your little girl is sure to remember. A tiny December birthstone accents this simple charm bracelet that features a hand-stamped name. Whether for your daughter, niece, or granddaughter, this is such a treasure to a little girl with a December birthday! 

Birthstone Bar Necklace

Another one of our favorite simple looks, this necklace is perfect for layering or wearing alone. Bar necklaces are popular right now, but this one is anything but basic. A long row of December birthstones personalizes this bar necklace and adds a pop of color. 

Model wearing the birthstone necklace

Don’t let anyone’s December birthday slide by without celebrating them! Even though this last month can be full to bursting at the seams, be sure to allow anyone with a December birthday to know how much you love and appreciate them. It’s easy for this birthday month not to get celebrated, but you can gift a personalized piece of jewelry to remind them that you know what this month is- their birthday! 

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Favorite Picks For December Birthdays

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