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Birthstone Jewelry Gift Ideas for January

January 29, 2021

With January comes the cold, brisk days, and snow. Winter months are often associated with deep reds and darker colors when it comes to clothing and accessories. January’s birthstone color is a beautiful deep red stone, a garnet. The January birthstone meaning represents love, faith and is said to provide guidance. When paired with gold or silver in jewelry, the pair makes for a romantic and elegant piece. Garnet jewelry is perfect for events and special occasions.

January Birthstone Rings

  1. Custom Birthstone Ring– A custom January birthstone ring is a great option for a birthday gift or a gift for a soon-to-be-mother in January. Choose one with a hand-stamped name or initial on the inside. January birthstone rings to commemorate the month with the beautiful garnet stone. Birthstone rings also make simple, yet meaningful pieces. 
Birthstone ring for spouse
  1. Gold Stacking Birthstone Rings– The Vintage Pearl has a wide variety of pieces that you are able to customize. Our Gold Stacking Birthstone Rings are also stunning when chosen with the January Birthstone, Garnet. This January Birthstone Ring will surely be treasured for years to come. 
Birthstone stackable ring set for mom, grandma, wife

January Birthstone Necklaces

  1. Dainty Rose Gold Names and a Stone Necklace– This rose gold necklace paired with January’s birthstone creates a romantic and beautiful piece of jewelry. Given the ability to customize with a name or initials, this necklace can be a great gift to a loved one or yourself. You cannot go wrong with this much-loved piece!
Birthstone necklace for wife
  1. Dainty Birthstone Disc Necklace– A dainty necklace with a January birthstone is perfect for girls who are more simplistic and don’t necessarily wear over-the-top jewelry. The January birthstone garnet will stand out on the sterling silver disc and chain. This birthstone necklace is timeless and will remain a staple in your jewelry collection for a very long time. 
Birthstone necklace for daughter

January Birthstone Bracelet

  1. Custom Birthstone Bar Bracelet– This beautiful custom birthstone bracelet is a fantastic gift for anyone with a birthday in January. With the ability to customize the birthstones, you can create an all Garnet bracelet for a more personalized gift. Any loved one with the January birthstone color is sure to love this piece. 
Birthstone bracelets for mom, grandma

January birthstone jewelry makes a sweet and meaningful gift for those celebrating a birthday in January. Garnet jewelry compliments winter whites well and add a bit of color to any look. When looking for a birthday gift in January, try looking for garnet stone jewelry. The Vintage Pearl has many different birthstone pieces and we are confident we can help you find the perfect gift!

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