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Valentine’s Day: Gifting Guide For Him and Her

January 27, 2021
Golden Heart Necklace displayed by a mom as her Valentine's Day Gift

With Valentine’s Day approaching so soon, The Vintage Pearl wants to give you the perfect gift ideas to give your loved ones in our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. We have included gifts for her and gifts for him as well. Choose the piece of jewelry that will put a smile on that special someone’s face. 

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide – Heart Necklace

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her:

Eternal Love Heart Necklace– This sweetheart necklace is the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Mom. This necklace also comes in silver and gold. Heart necklaces are the epitome of love and are so special when given to the ones you care for.

Valentine’s Day Gift For Mom – Heart Necklace

A Full Heart Bracelet– Consider a personalized Valentine’s Day Gift for a Wife, Mother, or Daughter. This hand stamped bracelet can hold the names of your children, grandchildren, or significant others. They can also keep this for years to come. Gift them a smile on their face each time they look down on it.

Valentine’s Day Gift For Wife – Heart Bracelet

Gold Rectangle Names With Love Necklace– Need something to show how much you love your significant other? Personalized will surely do that! One of the gifts you could give your wife or girlfriend is something they can wear for a long time and always remember when they got it. All of our jewelry at The Vintage Pearl is sure to last a lifetime. That’s why we offer the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift options!

Love Necklace For Her

Itty Bitty Heart Stacking Ring– Choose heart necklaces or rings for the lady in your life that uses jewelry as an essential part of their look. This dainty heart ring would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. This is a great option for jewelry for a mom or jewelry for a daughter. This ring is sure to be a go-to in their jewelry box and something they will cherish for years to come.

Stackable Rings For Her

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him:

Chunky Timeline Ring– This ring is a great Valentine’s Day gift for Him because you can also get this for yourself and have a pair to wear together. Symbolize a special date in your life, such as an engagement or wedding date, or the birth of a child. This ring will always be with you to look down on and bring you back to that special time.

Valentine’s Day Gift For Him – Timeline Ring

Men’s Personalized Leather Bound Bracelet– Not only is this bracelet an ideal Valentine’s Day gift because of the long-lasting quality, but this custom jewelry is able to capture meaning with the personalized rings added to it. Choose up to 6 rings with the names of a significant other, child, or grandchild. The possibilities are endless and this bracelet can be gifted to all the men in your life.

Valentine’s Day Gift For Him – Leather Bracelet

Men’s Leather Wallet– For the simplistic men in your life who may not be keen on wearing jewelry, gifting a wallet is a sure way to guarantee they will appreciate your gift. This leather wallet can also be customized with a name or initials of your choice, and become a keepsake in your family to be passed on for years to come.

Valentine’s Day Gift For Him – Men’s Leather Wallet

Men’s Silver Scripture Necklace– Consider this for a Valentine’s Day Gift for Him that represents the love that Jesus has for Him. Gifting this necklace with personalization of a favorite scripture or a verse that has changed your life will show that special person how much you love them and cherish them.

Men’s Silver Scripture Necklace / Faith Necklace

Choosing a Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one is not meant to be stressful! Any gift that you put thought into and has meaning is a great gift. The Vintage Pearl is just here to make it a little easier to find that perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Him and Her.

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