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Birthstone Guide by Month – Know the Birthstone jewelry options

September 27, 2021
Birthstone Rings

Birthstones are precious and are a symbol of wellness and fortune. If you plan to buy birthstone jewelry, it means you are giving positive vibes, high energies, and prosperity to your dear ones. Since ancient times, birthstones have been popularly associated with birth month and year, however, in the present times, it has gained immense admiration as a gift too. 

Birthstone  jewelry is a cherished gift. Gifting  jewelry with a birthstone can depict your feelings and love for your loved ones. It also signifies how much you care for them and what they mean to you. Moreover, birthstones not only represent warmth but are also a lucky gift bestowing health and overall well being for your beloved.  

Is gifting a birthstone jewelry the next thing on your mind? 

Thus, we at The Vintage Pearl have chalked out a list of some of the best monthly birthstones that you can give as a memorable gift to your dear ones. 

Red Garnet: January Birthstone

Derived from the Latin word “Granatum”, Garnet is an exquisite gemstone associated with individuals born in January indicating trust and friendship. The origin of the stone can be traced back to Greek Mythology, where it was used as a gift to their loved ones wishing them a safe return. It embraces purity and love and is a perfect gift for your partner traveling or living at a distance. Our Golden Garnet Necklace as a piece of  jewelry personifies magnificent care for your loved ones. You can choose the color of the birthstone and personalize it depending on whom you wish to present it. 

If you still aim to browse through more options, we have a specially curated gift guide for January birthdays only for you and loved ones.

Golden Gemstone Necklace

Purple Amethyst: February Birthstone

This gorgeous indigo stone is a representation of power protection and helps in overcoming trouble. Derived from the Greek word ‘amethustos’ it indicates solemnity. For the special ones born in February, our exclusive February Birthstone purple diamond cut custom ring confers clarity and tranquility. Its grandeur convenes love and can be a special gift on special occasions. 

Further, you can browse through more options with our specially drafted February Birthstone gift guide for you. 

Mom’ Custom Diamond Cut Birthstone Ring

Aquamarine: March Birthstone

Just like the oceans, the Aquamarine birthstone represents calmness and peace. The stunning March Birthstone is a symbol of admiration, affection, and optimism. Embedded in stunning gold, our splendid Dainty Drop Golden Bracelet personifies happiness and contentment with the birthstone engraved on it. Further, we also hand stamp letters and text of your choice to make it unique. 

If you aim to find more options, we have a specially curated gift guide for March birthdays only for you and loved ones.

Dainty Golden Drop Birthstone Necklace

Diamond Crystal: April Birthstone 

Diamond- everyone’s favorite or we can say it is surely a women’s favorite gemstone. Lucky for girls and women who are born in April, diamond rings signify commitment. The April Birthstone rings represent strength and bravery, also enhancing the energies around. Our handmade Stacking Birthstone Sterling Rings are a perfect gift for your younger girls. Additionally, if you want to treat them with good health and vigor. 

For more jewelry options you can browse through our April birthday jewelry gift guide specially designed for you

Stacking Birthstone Rings

Emerald: May Birthstone

The captivating and rich green emerald stone is a representation of luck and truth. Marked as a precious gift for individuals born in May, this birthstone is also known for curing health problems including heart, spinal, or lungs. It is a gift you would never want to miss. Thus, we offer personalized Dainty Rose Necklace with stunning rose gold names and a stone inscribed on them. What is more special is that you can design it as per your choice by inscribing names or dates in your favorite font for your perfect relations.

If you are still looking for more gifting options, check out our personalized Birthstone Gift Ideas for May. 

Dainty Rose Gold Birthstone Necklace

Light Amethyst: June Birthstone

Individuals born in June are lucky to be associated with Light Amethyst as their key gemstone. This June Birthstone is a symbol of virtue and integrity. The June birthstone helps in improving relationships, and our striking Dainty Drop Birthstone Bracelet is an amazing sterling silver chain with a birthstone of your choice. It makes it a quintessential gift for grandmothers and aunts to wish them luck and merriment. To check out more jewelry options browse through our specialized gift ideas for June. 

Dainty Drop Birthstone Bracelet

Ruby: July Birthstone

Ruby, the absolute birthstone for July-born individuals, this powerful gemstone brings in peace. It is also known to be a great protector for your loved ones from evil eyes. To top it, our pretty Gold Stacking Birthstone Ring with the deep red color birthstone can be an exquisite gift for your partner and close ones. It can be used daily and be a treasured gift for life.

To know more about July Birthstones check out our special edition on July birthday jewelry gift ideas. 

Gold Stacking Birthstone Ring

Green Peridot: August Birthstone

The stunning supreme ‘green peridot’ is the best birthstone that provides positive and overall growth. It instills self-confidence and affluence. For this occasion, our attractive Sterling Silver Name Charm Bracelet is a forever gift for your dear ones. You can even choose to inscribe their names alongside these lovely green custom birthstone bracelets.

If you are still looking for more gift options, we have a detailed list of gift guides specially curated for August month.

Sterling Name Charm Bracelet

Sapphire: September Birthstone

The dignified and powerful gemstone, Sapphire found in deep blue color is a charming gift for anyone to flaunt. Gifting this precious stone to your partner portrays your deep-rooted affection for them. The gemstone grants good fortune and strengthens your relationship. For this, our adorning Gold Name and Stone Stacking Ring set is a customized ring with sapphire gemstone and your partner’s name and date etched in it.

To know more about September Birthstones check out our special edition on September Birthday jewelry gift ideas.

Gold Name and Stone Stacking Ring

Pink Tourmaline: October Birthstone

For people born in October, opal and tourmaline are the two best gemstones for this month. Gifting this gemstone can help to cure and comfort your loved ones. As the stone signifies, to attract good energy, giving our Golden Dainty Drops Necklace is a mesmerizing crystal that offers names hand stamped on the edges making it personalized. Trust it can be a charmer for life.

If you are still looking for more gifting options, check out our personalised Birthstone Gift Ideas for October.

Golden Dainty Drop Necklace

Yellow Topaz: November Birthstone

Topaz gemstone helps to balance emotions like anger and stress. A powerful stone-like Topaz helps to pacify an individual by inculcating strength. Our November birthstone special Dainty Disc Necklace is a prosperous topaz bracelet for life. It determines the love quotient you hold and brings sturdiness to your relationships.

To know more about November Birthstone, browse through our specially crafted November birthday jewelry gift guide.

Dainty Birthstone Disc Necklace

Blue Zircon: December Birthstone

The blue zircon gemstone is a perfect match for creative heads. This December birthstone is also best known for its strong healing properties. To gift your special ones born in this month, our Dainty Drop Sterling Silver Necklace with names carved on it makes it even more exceptional.

If you are still looking for more gifting options, check out our personalized jewelry gift guide for December birthday . 

Dainty Drop Sterling Silver Necklace

Thus, if you are planning a surprise celebration for your special one, pick the birthstone necklace with name charms, or gold birthstone rings, or a custom birthstone bracelet that suits them the best.

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