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Birthstone Jewelry Gift Ideas for May

April 23, 2021
Personalized Birthstone Bracelet

May is a season of flowers, warm weather, and pure happiness! Summer is approaching and we are spending more time under the sun with our families. The May birthstone is an Emerald, a beautiful green gem. The emerald symbolizes love, springtime, and new beginnings. As May is the common month for graduations too, a May birthstone piece would be great to represent this new season of life. As for birthdays in May, Emerald birthstone jewelry makes a fantastic gift for any of your loved ones!

Emerald Birthstone Necklaces

Golden Gemstone Necklace

This emerald necklace is designed to perfection and can be worn on an everyday basis! Hung on a dainty gold chain of your desired length, the gemstone is in a gold setting. If you are looking for a simple May birthstone gift, this piece is perfect.

Golden Birthstone Necklace

Gold Connected Birthstone Necklace

The meaning behind this stunning birthstone necklace is the bond of you and another, or your family! The birthstones are all connected and can be chosen to complete this dainty necklace. You can also choose all May birthstones for a customized birthday necklace.

Gold Connected Birthstone Necklace

Silver Birthstone Slider Necklace

This personalized piece is a fun twist on a typical birthstone necklace! The slider allows you to choose up to four birthstones and would look beautiful complete with all Emeralds. Gift this necklace to your Mother for Mother’s day, or even a friend whose birthday is this month!

Silver Birthstone Slider Necklace

Emerald Birthstone Bracelets

Sterling Silver Connected Birthstone Bracelet

Like the connected birthstone necklace, this dainty bracelet represents family and the bond that you have. The delicate birthstones can be customized to your preference and if paired with all Emeralds, it would make a great birthday gift for May born!

Sterling Silver Connected Birthstone Bracelet

Dainty Drop Birthstone Bracelet

Similar to our original dainty drop pieces, this spin-off is so sweet and would be loved specifically by a mother or grandmother. Birthstone bracelets are so versatile and can be worn 24/7!

Dainty Drop Birthstone Necklace

Emerald Birthstone Rings

Golden Birthstone Spinner Ring

This birthstone ring has a sterling silver band with a touch of gold with added spinner rings. With birthstones placed on the rings, you can choose gems to represent your kids, significant others, or even your own birth month. This statement ring can be a great addition to your jewelry collection!

Golden Birthstone Spinner Ring

Mom’s Custom Diamond Cut Birthstone Ring

This ring is a classic birthstone piece. The sterling silver setting will pair perfectly with the May birthstone, the Emerald. The name of this piece represents how much your mom will enjoy and cherish this ring. This ill make a fantastic gift from a spouse or child. 

Diamond Cut Birthstone Ring

The May birthstone, an Emerald, is about as charming as it gets. The stone is a beautiful deep green and pairs so well with both sterling silver and gold. May is a time of giving as graduation approaches as well as many birthdays and anniversaries. The Vintage Pearl has many birthstone gift ideas that your loved one will adore!

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