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  • Silver Baroque Pearl Necklace


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    Gold Baroque Pearl Necklace


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    Best personalized gift for a mom. A pea pod with fresh water pearls representing her kids. A disc with names of the kids hand stamped on it.
    5 Peas in a Pod with names necklace

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    Messy nest pearl necklace. Personalize the necklace by choosing the number of eggs representing your kids.

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    Mother Of Pearl Gold Infinity Necklace

    (21% OFF) $66.99

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  • Priceless Pearl Necklace


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    Hand sculpted pea pods hand casted in fine pewter with freshwater pearls inside, resembling your child. Beautiful necklace for grandma

    Peas In A Pod Necklace

    (27% OFF) $61.99

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  • -25%Limited
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    Gold-filled circle hand stamped with names. Personalize jewelry for your mom, wife, grandma
    A gold disc with names hand stamped. Perfect as mothers day gift for mom, grandma

    Gold Names And A Pearl Necklace

    (25% OFF) $96.99

    68 in stock

  • BESTSELLER-23%Limited
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    Classic Mother of Pearl necklace with a dainty sterling silver circle, hand stamped with names. Personalized jewelry for a mom
    Personalized Name Necklace With Mother of Pearl In the Centre. Perfect gift for moms & Grandmas

    Mother Of Pearl Silver Infinity Necklace

    (23% OFF) $72.99

    10 in stock

  • -10%LimitedSold Out
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    A sterling silver or gold-plated circle with freshwater pearls. Beautiful gift for a mom or grandma of 4.
    Custom Pearl Necklace with up to 4 pearls for wife, mom, grandma

    Simple Elegance Pearl Necklace

    (10% OFF) $46.99

    Out of stock

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    Gold Mother of Pearl Necklace


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  • 2 Peas In A Pod Necklace


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  • 3 Peas In A Pod Necklace


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  • 4 Peas In A Pod Necklace


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  • 5 peas in a pod necklace


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