Wear Your Story

We believe that jewelry should have a story—a story to tell, and a story to remember. We're a small, family-owned business with a passion for handmade jewelry. We love your reactions when you open the package and see something that is truly special, made just for you.

Our Story How we started

The Vintage Pearl began in 2007 as a creative outlet for a stay-at-home mom, Erin Edwards. Raising four young children, Erin had a passion to help support her family and give other women beautiful, hand-made jewelry pieces that told their unique story. In September of 2010, The Vintage Pearl moved from Erin’s family room into a brick and mortar boutique located in Tulsa, Oklahoma! The Vintage Pearl has grown in many unique ways and our story to provide meaningful, hand-made pieces have been delivered to countries around the world!

Our Mission

We believe that jewelry is more than just a pretty accessory—it's a reflection of who you are. With so many options and styles to choose from, it can be hard to find something that speaks to your soul. So we've made it our mission to curate a collection of beautiful jewelry designs that represent the very best of what you're looking for.

It's not just about the aesthetics—it's about the meaning behind it. And we're here to help you find your perfect piece of jewelry that represents who you are.

Unique & Meaningful Celebrating Meaningful Connections

We believe in bringing out the best in people, and we do this by providing them with meaningful pieces to wear every day. Whether you're looking for a necklace that reminds you of your family or a meaningful custom ring that keeps you inspired and positive, we have something for everyone: from couples to friends, from moms to daughters… we believe in every kind of bond and meaningful connection between people.

Meet the team

meet the team

Our team takes pride in creating unique and custom pieces that reflect our customers' individuality and style. We work closely with our clients to ensure that every piece of jewelry is crafted to perfection, using only the finest materials and techniques. Our team is pasionate about creating personalized jewelry that tells a story and holds special meaning, and we're commited to delivering exceptional customer service and satisfaction.

All of our jewelry is engraved and hand-stamped by our talented team right here on our premises in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We believe that every piece of jewelry should tell a story and hold special meaning for its wearer. By crafting each piece ourselves, we ensure that every detail is perfect and that the finished product is truly one-of-a-kind.

team member 1

Juneanne W.

Production Manager

Likes: Golden Doodles

Dislikes: Scary Movies, no one wants to sit by me during scary movies because I will scream and grab whoever is next to me!

team member 2

Niesha C.


Likes: Reading, cooking/baking, amber or mahogany scented candles, mountains

Dislikes: Animals- they're fine to look at from a distance but I don't want them touching me, coffee, scary movies

team member 3

Ana C.

Social Media Manager

Likes: Starbucks birthday cake pops

Dislikes: Hot Drinks

team member 4

Courtney B.

Wholesale Director

Likes: Sitting outside by the chimney enjoying a glass of wine, glamping

Dislikes: Camping in Bear Country, spiders, broccoli

team member 5

Morgan W.

Wholesale Assembler

Likes: Art

Dislikes: People who can't drive

team member 6

Karina G.


Likes: Dogs, PINK, makeup, and photography

Dislikes: Scary movies

team member 7

Marcy G.

Metalsmith Manager

Likes: Sweet tea

Dislikes: Potholes the size of Texas

team member 8

Lucy O.

Assembly Manager

Likes: Massages

Dislikes: Phony people

team member 9

Khara O.


Likes: Sanrio and painting

Dislikes: Dropping pearls

meet the team

Giving Back Make the world a better place

Giving back runs deep inside our hearts and the success of The Vintage Pearl has allowed us to make both a local and international impact! We believe in a world in which compassion shines bright. When you shop at The Vintage Pearl your purchase will make a difference.

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We take great joy in creating meaningful pieces that tell your unique story. Create memories by hand-stamping your favorite phrase, closest loved ones names, or special date for you to wear as a daily reminder of what matter most.

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