We use 92.5% sterling silver, 14 karat gold, freshwater pearls, and Swarovski birthstone crystals in our creations. Sterling silver and gold are considered precious metals and with proper care, you should be able to enjoy your jewelry for years to come! All sterling silver naturally tarnishes, and there are many different factors – climate, lotion, etc., that might cause your piece to tarnish faster than others. The polish cloth we offer on our site will definitely help. 

Tips To Best Preserve Your Jewelry:

01. Our jewelry is not waterproof. We recommend removing it when showering, sweating, or swimming. 

02. Although stronger than gold, both metals can scratch if not cared for properly. We recommend you remove your jewelry during physical activities to prevent scratching or tarnishing. 

03. Chemicals can affect the finish of fine silver and gold pieces. Remove jewelry prior to coming in contact with lotions, soaps, makeup, cleaning supplies, etc. 

04. Avoid contact with acid substances, such as citrus, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, etc. as it can cause premature tarnishing. 

05. To clean your piece, we recommend purchasing the polish cloth we offer on our website, as t-shirts and towels can scratch your jewelry. You can also purchase it here https://thevintagepearl.com/silver-polish-cloth.html. We also offer free cleaning on all of our jewelry. Please send your charms back to us and we will get your pieces restored! 

06. We recommend cleaning your pieces before storing it for long periods of time. Use an air-tight bag, such as a ziplock bag, as it will help prevent oxidation.

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