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  • BESTSELLER-27%Limited
    Sterling Silver Necklace with circle charm and name engraved. It has a birthstone attached.

    Dainty Drop Sterling Silver Necklace

    (27% OFF) $79.99

    84 in stock

  • -33%Limited
    Wear just one or stack a set, it is totally your choice. Perfect gift to give yourself or your wife, mom
    Stacking rings

    Skinny Stacking Rings

    (33% OFF) $19.99

    17 in stock

  • -20%Limited
    A fine pewter Christmas tree hung on a red velvet ribbon, with message or names hand stamped on it. Perfect gift for Christmas
    Handmade christmas tree adorned with a star on top and hand stamped with names of message. Perfect christmas gift for your family

    Our Christmas Family Tree Ornament

    (20% OFF) $39.99

    50 in stock

  • Best Seller-20%Limited
    Handmade band customized with hand-stamped initial. Available in gold-filled or sterling silver

    Circle Initial Ring

    (20% OFF) $59.99

    13 in stock

  • BESTSELLER-20%Limited

    Skinny Sentiment Custom Ring

    (20% OFF) $59.99

    36 in stock

  • New-13%Limited
    Personalize this rose gold dainty circle necklace with Swarovski birthstone crystal and name engraved on it
    Personalized rose gold circle with engraved name and birthstone crystal. Best gift for mom, spouse, friend

    Dainty Rose Gold Names and a Stone Necklace

    (13% OFF) $77.99

    44 in stock

  • -20%Limited
    Hand sculpted pea pods hand casted in fine pewter with freshwater pearls inside, resembling your child. Beautiful necklace for grandma

    Peas In A Pod Necklace

    (20% OFF) $59.99

    40 in stock

  • A Full Heart Bracelet

    (8% OFF) $54.99

    3 in stock

  • Secret Love Message Ring

    (7% OFF) $64.99

    41 in stock

  • -18%Limited

    Dainty Initial Bracelet

    (18% OFF) $69.99

    17 in stock

  • -21%Limited
    Gold-filled circle hand stamped with names. Personalize jewelry for your mom, wife, grandma
    A gold disc with names hand stamped. Perfect as mothers day gift for mom, grandma

    Gold Names And A Pearl Necklace

    (21% OFF) $94.99

    72 in stock

  • One Word Ring

    (9% OFF) $49.99

    20 in stock

  • BESTSELLER-21%Limited

    Silver Dainty Paperclip Charm Bracelet

    (21% OFF) $54.99

    13 in stock

  • You Are My Sunshine Necklace

    (8% OFF) $35.99

    You are my Sunshine Necklace perfectly sums up your feelings for your kids. Wear this Mother Child Necklace to feel closer to your kids everyday

    13 in stock

  • New-19%Limited
    Stacking gold ring with beautiful Swarovski birthstone. Perfect gift for BFFs, sister, wife, mom
    Gold stacking birthstone rings are so pretty and stack so well with many of our other rings! Perfect for girls of all ages

    Gold Stacking Birthstone Rings

    (19% OFF) $64.99

    20 in stock

  • Simple Timeline Ring

    (8% OFF) $54.99

    49 in stock

  • -18%Limited

    Stacking Bangles

    (18% OFF) $32.99

    9 in stock

  • -22%Limited

    Silver Carried by the Cross Bracelet

    (22% OFF) $35.99

    12 in stock

  • Best Seller-11%Limited
    Sterling Name Charm Bracelet for Little Girls

    Sterling Name Charm Bracelet

    (11% OFF) $79.99

    26 in stock

  • Gold Eternity Circle Necklace

    (6% OFF) $74.99

    20 in stock

  • BEST SELLER-21%Limited
    Gold Earrings with Baroque Pearl

    Gold Baroque Pearl Hoop Earrings

    (21% OFF) $54.99

    7 in stock

  • -10%Limited

    Dainty Rose Spoon Ring

    (10% OFF) $44.99

    5 in stock

  • NEW-15%Limited

    Gold Poppy Necklace

    (15% OFF) $84.99

    22 in stock

  • -15%Limited

    Gnome For the Holidays Ornament

    (15% OFF) $44.99

    11 in stock

  • {Secret} Message Ring

    (5% OFF) $61.99

    33 in stock

  • Our Family Nest Sterling Silver Necklace

    (6% OFF) $74.99

    22 in stock

  • -17%Limited

    Gold Paperclip Charm Bracelet

    (17% OFF) $74.99

    43 in stock

  • -11%Limited

    Rose Gold Baroque Pearl Hoops

    (11% OFF) $57.99

    9 in stock

  • -11%Limited

    15 in stock

  • Sterling Eternity Circle Bracelet

    (6% OFF) $74.99

    18 in stock

  • Chunky Timeline Ring

    (8% OFF) $59.99

    45 in stock

  • Gentle Giraffe Ornament

    (8% OFF) $44.99

    9 in stock

  • BESTSELLER-19%Limited

    Silver Heart Wrap Ring

    (19% OFF) $64.99

    42 in stock

  • -15%Limited

    Chunky Eternity Circle Bracelet

    (15% OFF) $92.99

    25 in stock

  • -17%Limited

    Rose Gold Carried by the Cross Bracelet

    (17% OFF) $29.99

    11 in stock

  • -21%Limited

    Gold Birthstone Rectangle Bar Necklace

    (21% OFF) $94.99

    29 in stock




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