Bar Necklace

A necklace made up of a chain and a horizontal bar; this bar is often complete with a stamp or stone. A bar necklace is perfect to showcase a name or initial you want to show off.

Pendant Necklace

A necklace with a single attached charm or stone hanging from the chain. A pendant is often composed of a birthstone, or crystal of some sort.

Charm Necklaces

A necklace with one or more charm (ex. alphabet charm, locket charm, etc.) that hangs from the necklace chain. Charm necklaces can be very versatile. They can hold from one to many charms, big or small. This is great to add onto over time.

Name Necklace 

A necklace that has a charm with a name on it, or an engraved name. A name necklace commonly hold one’s own name, or the name of a loved one that gifted it to them.



Satellite Chain

A chain made out of consecutive links and occasional metal balls. This type of chain is commonly paired with a simple charm and is unique compared to a typical chain.

Sterling Ball Chain

A chain made out of consecutive sterling silver balls. These silver balls are usually connected with another chain running through the balls to create a consecutive chain.

Rolo Chain

A chain composed of alternating round chain links. These links are also symmetrical and all the same size. A rolo chain is commonly worn by itself or layered with other chains.



Adjustable Ring

A ring that is able to adjust in size. Often times, an adjustable ring is not fully closed so it is able to expand and retract easier. An adjustable ring is a great goft for a child that is growing, or someone who does not know their exact ring size.

Band Ring

A ring without a distinguishable “top” or “bottom.” A band ring can be made feminine or not. This type of ring is frequently made very simple which is perfect for males, or made with a stone or design.

Stackable Ring

These are thin rings that is able to be worn with one or more rings on the same finger at the same time. Stackable rings can be added to over time, or purchased individually over time.

Signet Ring

A ring that has letters engraved onto it, often initials or a monogram. A signet ring often has a flat surface at the top of the ring with a handstamped engravement of initials or a monogram.

Spinner Rings

A ring with an element that can be spun around. This type of ring usually has a thicker band as the base with one or more “spinner” omponents on top. These pieces can also hold a birthstone.



Chain Bracelet

A bracelet made of consecutive connected links. A chain bracelet is the daintiest of bracelets and can easily be complete with a charm or stacked with multiple other chain bracelets.

Adjustable Bracelet

A bracelet that is able to expand to fit the size of any wrist. An adjustable bracelet often has many chain links that can be clasped to make the bracelet bigger or smaller, or is flexible and pliable to expand to any size wrist. This type of bracelet is the easiest to get on and off.

Bangle Bracelet

A loose circular bracelet that slides on and off the hand. This type of bracelet cannot be made smaller or larger. It is often complete with an initial or name engraved onto the front.

Beaded Bracelet

A bracelet composed of more than one bead, which is a small component made up of different materials. A beaded bracelet often has beads on the entire bracelet, made to where there is no front or back.

Cuff Bracelets 

A rigid bracelet with an opening for ease when putting on and taking off. A cuff bracelet is often thicker than a bangle bracelet. This allows more room for additional engravements or accessories.

Charm Bracelets

A bracelet with one or multiple charms attached to it. These charms can hold birthstones, pearls, or even initials. A charm bracelet can often hold up to 8 charms at a time.



Drop Earrings

An earring with a charm or extension that hangs below the earlobe. The “drop” can be smaller than the earlobe itself to create a simple look, or larger than the ear itself for a statement look.

Hoop Earrings 

A circular shaped earring that loops down and aound the ear. This earring has a post that goes through the lobe and secures it on, and can either wrap around to connect to the post, or wrap around and end just before hitting the back of the ear. This makes putting the hoop earring on easier.

Stud Earrings

Small, dainty earrings that are attached through the ear lobe with a post and secured with an earring back. A stud earring is most commonly a stone or pearl but could also be composed of a symbol or initial. Stud earrings are worn for a dainty look.

Charm Earrings

An earring with a small charm (ex. alphabet charm, locket charm, etc.) that hangs below the ear. A small charm often does not hang any further than a half inch below the ear lobe. Any larger of a charm can create a statement look.




Garnet is a deep red birthstone for January. This stone symbolizes constancy and loyalty. Garnets are one of the most commonly ound birthstones and were used by Ancient Romans in the past.


Amethyst is a dark purple birthstone for February. This birthstone symbolizes peace. It is also one of the most affordable birthstones when found on the market.


Aquamarine is a light blue birthstone for March.This birthstone symbolizes courage. According to Jeff Johnson & Co, it is also believed to protect sailors, keep marriages happy and protect the wearer against enemies.


A diamond, or crystal is the clear birthstone for April. It symbolizes innocence and love. A diamond is also the hardest birthstone of them all and is found deep within the earth.


An emerald is a deep green birthstone for May. This birthstone symbolizes growth and happiness. According to Jeff Johnson & Co, the first recorded emerald mines were in Egypt.


An alexandrite is a light purple birthstone for June. This birthstone symbolizes joy. According to Kobelli, alexandrite exhibits a different color in artificial light versus daylight.


A ruby is a deep red birthstone for July. This birthstone symbolizes beauty. It is also one of the most precious gemstones and comes from a Latin word that means red.


A peridot is a light green birthstone for August. This birthstone symbolizes protection. According to Jeff Johnson & Co, peridots are found in lava, volcanoes and meteorites. They have also historically been confused with emeralds.


A sapphire is a blue birthstone for September. This birthstone symbolizes wisdom. Sapphires are very popular and actually was the stone in Princess Diana’s engagement ring.

Pink Tourmaline

The birthstone for October is pink tourmaline. This birthstone symbolizes balance. October is also national breast cancer awareness month. This is reflected in the color of the breast cancer ribbon and birthstone, both being pink.

Yellow Topaz

A yellow topaz stone is the birthstone for November. This birthsteone symbolizes strength. According to Jeff Johnson & Co, Ancient Greeks believed wearing a topaz could make you invincible.

Blue Zircon

Blue zircon is the greenish blue birthstone for December, symbolizing wisdom. According to Market Swuare Jewelers, Blue zircon is pleochroic, meaning it can appear to be different colors when viewed from various angles.



An object that hangs from a piece of jewelry by a clasp or ring. A charm is often the same metal as the neckace or bracelet chain and can come in many different sizes. A charm can often be dettachable from a piece of jewelry and be gifted later in time.

Alphabet Charms

A charm that is in the shape of a letter in the alphabet. Alphabet charms can stand for one or multiple names. They can also be placed together consecutively to create a full name on a bracelet or necklace.

Locket Charms

A charm that opens to hold one or more small photo or momento. A locket charm is most commonly found on necklaces and are common gifts. These charms are also great for memories of a loved one or someone that has passed away.

State Charms

A charm that is in the shape of a state. A state charm can commonly be found on a keychain, necklace, or bracelet. This type of charm is an ideal gift to resemble moving, or a long distance relationship.

Small Charm

A miniature charm that goes on a piece of jewelry. This charm could be compared to smaller than a penny. This size charm is great for more dainty necklaces and thinner chains.

Medium Charm

An average size charm that goes on a piece of jewelry. This charm could be compared to the size of a nickel. This size also is great for a more dainty look and a thinner chain.

Large Charm

A very noticeable charm that goes on a piece of jewelry. This charm is about the size of a quarter, or larger. This size is suited better when put on a thicker chain. It creates a more statement look.



A yellow precious metal often used to create jewelry. Gold has a yellow-brown color and is commonly used to make high quality jewelry. Pure gold does not tarnish and can easily be shaped

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a slighlty reddish gold. According to Laura Preshong, rose gold is blend, or an alloy of pure 24 karat yellow gold, copper and silver. This type of metal often has a pink hue to it.


Pewter is a gray alloy metal. Pewter can mimic the characteristics of other metals such as silver and platinum. Pewter is also used to create more affordable jewelry without missing out on the quality.


Bronze is an alloy metal that makes a yellowish-brown color. Bronze used to be the primary metal for jewelry-making in the early ages. It is now used as al affordable alternative to gold.

92.5% sterling silver

An alloy metal made up of 92.5% Silver and 7.5% Copper. A 92.5% sterling silver piece of jewelry is considered high quality. It can be distinguished by a “925” stamp on the piece of jewelry.

14 Karat Gold

An alloy metal made of 58.3% gold, often used for fine jewelry. This version gold is also much more durable than other versions such as 18K gold, or 24K gold.


Brass is a yellow alloy composed of copper and zinc. It is also very workable and can be transformed into jewelry easily. Since it is an alloy, it is more affordable than other metals.


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