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21 Best 50th Birthday Gifts That Are Truly Unique For Him and Her

May 25, 2021
Personalized Jewelry Gifts for 50th Birthday

Gift shopping is sometimes a hard thing to do, and because of that, often gets put off until it’s almost too late. We put together the best 50th Birthday Gift Guide for her and him, so you don’t have to put off finding their perfect gift that represents the impact they have had in your life. 

As a kid, every birthday is one step closer to a small milestone. When you reach your first year, your parents go all out for a party none of us actually remember; you smash some cake, have your first bites of addicting and delicious sugar, and receive gifts you will soon outgrow. Fast forward to your 5th birthday, where you are no longer a toddler and get to choose what theme you want your party to be. Your 10th birthday, the first time you hit double digits, then when your 13 you’re no longer a little kid—you’re a teen—then 16 you can start to drive, 18 you’re an “adult” and after that, the rest of your birthdays after 21 just remind you how much, every day, you’re getting older. 

For some, their 50th birthday is just a reminder of their older age. But your loved one’s 50th birthday should be more than just a number; it should be a time to remember the adventures they have had and a celebration of the adventures that await. Your loved one’s 50th birthday is a big milestone; there are now five decades of memories, adventures, additions to their family, and now five decades that have formed your loved one into who they are today.

Best 50th Birthday Present For Her:

1. Mom’s Custom Birthstone Ring

Our Custom Birthstone ring can feature up to six different birthstones of those closest to her. Birthstones are more than just a symbol for every zodiac sign; some believe birthstones originate back to the twelve tribes of Judah in the Bible. Birthstones are unique to your loved ones, and when you put them together, they create a beautiful array of colors.

Personalized Birthstone Ring

2. Rectangle Names with Love

Our bestselling Names with Love Necklace can feature the names of her family or friends, with the addition of a silver or bronze heart and freshwater pearl charm. You can choose as many charms as you feel best to represent those she loves. 

Tip: Names are not the only thing that can be hand-stamped onto our pieces. Positive affirmations, encouraging words or phrases, or a special 50th birthday message are great alternatives to make this gift extra special. You have up to 10 characters on this charm to make meaningful words for the best 50th birthday present for her. A great way to do this is by ordering three charms stamped with “fifty, fabulous, fearless.”

Rectangle Names With Love

3. Mother of Pearl Gold Infinity Necklace

Our Mother of Pearl Infinity Necklace is hand-molded from gold-filled wire and hangs on your choice of a beautiful gold-filled chain. This piece allows 47 characters to be hand-stamped by our team of expert jewelry artisans, which makes this necklace for moms a perfect canvas for meaningful verses, encouraging phrases, or even important dates for her.

Mother of Pearl Gold Infinity Necklace

4. My Heart is Full Golden Custom Necklace

Her heart will be full of the most meaningful names or words hand-stamped around a dainty gold or silver heart on her new favorite necklace. The gold-filled disc can be stamped with 37 characters and will be accompanied by a timeless freshwater pearl. This custom necklace is a perfect option for those who love to mix their metals. This gift will ensure she will enjoy wearing your custom and meaningful gift every day.

My Heart Is Full Gold Custom Necklace

5. Heart Spinner Ring

Our spinner ring is not only a bestseller but a Vintage Pearl signature. With our Heart Spinner Ring, you can add up to four small hearts on rings that spin around a sterling silver band. The heart rings can either be all high-quality sterling silver or our beautiful gold-filled, or a fun mix of both!

Heart Spinner Ring

6. Beautiful Beads Sterling Silver Bracelet

Our beautiful sterling silver beads bracelet is the best 50th birthday, ready to ship, gift, great for last-minute shopping. The simple and dainty design is adjustable to fit different wrist sizes but is timeless and great if she loves to wear jewelry every day. Meaningful gifts can also be functional, and the high quality of this piece makes it one of the best 50th birthday gifts for her.

Sterling Silver Beads Bracelet

7. Travel Jewelry Case

Everyone needs a way to keep their custom and meaningful jewelry safe and tangle-free. Our gorgeous cream-colored travel jewelry case is another one of our best ready-to-ship 50th birthday gifts for her. The luscious blush pink interior features six slots for her favorite rings, two-inch deep slots, and three hooks with a pocket to prevent tangling. Our jewelry case is perfect if she is on the go or wanting to feature her jewelry; it is the perfect gift on its own or gets her started on jewelry to store in the case with one of our other perfect 50th birthday gifts.

Travel Jewelry Case

8. Secret Love Message Bangle

Our Secret Love Message Bangle is the perfect way to forgo a card and write a permanent, private, meaningful 50th birthday message for her. This bangle can feature up to 10 hand-soldered hearts on the exterior, making this a great option for women who have larger families.

Secret Love Message Bangle

9. Hearts Aligned Sterling Message Cuff

Our Hearts Aligned Open cuff is one size, so there is no need to guess on the sizing. Write a special quote or unique saying placed on the interior of this cuff with up to 46 characters, with the aligned hearts representing the forever connection between you and her. This piece truly is a heart-warming keepsake.

Hearts Aligned Sterling Message Cuff

10. Classic Sentiments Bangle

Our Classic Sentiments Bangle truly is a staple for her jewelry collection. This stackable bangle can feature up to four names or sentimental words per bangle. This best seller is a great way to encourage her every time she looks down at her favorite 50th birthday gift.

Classic Sentiments Bangle With Names

11. Little Bits of My Heart Necklace

Our Little Bits of My Heart Necklace is the perfect dainty necklace to wear every day. This necklace is simply a must for The Vintage Pearl’s 50th birthday gift recommendation for her. You have the option to feature two strands of up to six dainty heart charms on a dainty gold-filled or sterling silver chain. Have fun customizing this ready-to-ship birthday gift for her!

Little Bits of My Heart Necklace

12. Gold Bar Necklace

Our single gold-filled bar necklace is a great option for those women who prefer jewelry simple. The short bar can feature initials or name up to 7 characters and is always accompanied by a single freshwater pearl. This piece is also available in rose gold without a freshwater pearl.

Gold Bar Necklace

13. Gold Connected Birthstone Necklace

Our Gold Connected Birthstone Necklace is another best 50th birthday gift for her from our birthstone collection. The chain of up to eight connected Swarovski birthstone charms represent the strong family bond she shares with her loved ones. This dainty necklace could also be made of her favorite colors. There is no limit to what personalized jewelry can stand for.

Gold Birthstone Necklace

14. Vintage Locket Necklace

Our Vintage Locket Necklace frames a meaningful picture with a special message hand-stamped on the back of my heart is a full sterling silver disc and finished with a single freshwater pearl. This meaningful gift is timeless, with a short message that will last forever.

Vintage Locket Necklace

Best 50th Birthday Present For Him:

15. Dad’s Chunky Keychain

Our Chunky Keychain is completely customizable to make the most meaningful 50th birthday message for him. The interior text is up to 13 characters and is surrounded by text running along the edge of the key chain. This is a functional gift he will look forward to using.

Chunky Keychain

16. Men’s Personalized Leather-Bound Bracelet

Our Personalized Leather Bracelet is held together with small sterling silver hand-stamped rings, which can feature customized text up to eight characters each. Whether you choose to feature the names of those who hold his life together or a short message like, “I love you” or “fifty years strong,” this is one of the best 50th birthday gifts for him.

Personalized Leather Bound Bracelet

17. Dog Tags

Our Dog Tags are a staple in any man’s accessory collection. With up to three lines of text, and ten characters a line, our dog tags are perfect for featuring dates, names, or a short message.

Personalized Dog Tags

18. Chunky Eternity Circle Leather Keychain

Our black leather Eternity Circle Chunky Keychain is the best gift for a leather lover. Not only is the leather of this piece hand-stamped with his initial, but the key chain also features up to 32 characters of meaningful message on this functional 50th birthday gift for him.

Eternity Circle Chunky Leather Keychain

19. Custom Leather Money Clip

Our Custom Leather Money Clip will be an everyday staple with him. As always, this piece is customizable, with room for nine hand-stamped characters on the front and back. This rustic, hand-stained, and stitched brown money clip will be his favorite and reliable gift from you.

Custom Leather Money Clip

20. Timeline Ring

Our Timeline Rings are available in two widths, chunky or simple. They both can be hand-stamped with three small lines of four characters. Whether you choose to commemorate special anniversaries or special moments in time, this sterling silver ring will remind him of those days every day.

Tip: The dates featured on our Timeline ring can represent more than an anniversary or birthdate of family members; these dates could represent the best memories you shared with him. This gift can be a great way to reminisce and remind him of times you shared that would have otherwise been forgotten.

Timeline Ring

21. Black Thin Leather Cuff

Our Black Thin Leather Cuff is the best blank canvas for customizing meaningful coordinates or a short message. The cuff is adjustable with silver snaps and can be worn alone or with his favorite watch.

Black Thin Custom Leather Cuff

Founded in 2007 by a mom of four in Tulsa, OK, The Vintage Pearl has been able to be a part of our customers’ highs and lows. Make their 50th birthday the best with personalized and meaningful jewelry to remind them they still have a lot of adventures ahead. We can’t wait to make their best 50th birthday gift!

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