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5 Pieces of Jewelry for New Moms You Will Adore

October 28, 2020

Finding jewelry for new moms can seem challenging at first. When looking at jewelry, try to find something that can be personalized. This allows you to put the name of a child, last name, or date on the piece. A custom piece of jewelry will surely be a well-loved piece by new moms.

Necklaces for New Moms

  1. Rectangle Names with Love Necklace: This necklace is the perfect gift for any new mom! Engraved with the names of your little loves, this necklace can start with one name and be added to as your family grows. It is whimsical yet meaningful. Any new mama will be honored to wear this new title proudly. 
Rectangle names with love necklace – Personalized necklace

2. Mama Disc Necklace in Gold or Silver: As with the Mother’s Heart Disc Necklace, this piece of jewelry is the perfect gift for a soon-to-be mom. Especially if they are keeping the baby’s name a surprise. This version of the Mama Disc Necklace is more modern and simple, making it perfect for any new mom who loves simple jewelry styles!

Gold Mama disc necklace – Personalized jewelry

3. Tiny Initial Necklace: This necklace is simple and beautiful. Perfect for the new mama or the expecting mother-to-be who has not shared their baby name with others yet. It also comes in silver and gold, giving options for the mama’s preference. This is a great gift to wear throughout pregnancy and beyond! 

Tiny initial necklace

4. Dainty Name Bar Necklace: This necklace would be the perfect gift for a mother-to-be who is excited to proudly wear her baby’s name! The design of this necklace is simple and can be layered with other jewelry. It would pair especially well with the Classic Sentiments Bangle!

Dainty name bar necklace – Personalized necklace

Bracelets for New Moms:

5. Classic Sentiments Bangle: This bracelet is perfect for any new mama who has shared the name or initials of their new babe! This gift will be worn proudly for years to come. Not only will it be meaningful, but it will also be such a fun way to see their baby’s name every day. 

Classic sentiment bangles – Personalized bracelets

6. Simple initial Bangle: A new mom spends days on end picking out a name for her new child. Their initials are often passed down or resemble those of their parents. Because of this, the initial of a new mom’s child is special and usually means a lot. This simple initial bangle is a great gift for a soon-to-be mom or a new mom as they celebrate a new life. 

Simple initial bangle – Personalized jewelry

When looking for a gift for a New Mom or a soon-to-be mom, consider something meaningful. Customized jewelry can represent a new life and go on a new journey. Starting a family is a big deal, and gifting something to a New Mom can put a smile on her face!

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