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How to Style Initial Jewelry

October 22, 2020

Initial Jewelry is a hot trend right now in fashion. Not only is it personable, but it can be a statement piece to any outfit. There are many different ways to style initial jewelry, all depending upon what type of outfit you are wearing and what piece of jewelry you are wanting to wear! 

For simplistic outfits that are neutral in color and style, try wearing a larger or more colorful necklace to make your outfit pop! On the other hand, if you are wearing something more sparkly, patterned, or colorful, try simple styles of initial jewelry. A simple initial necklace or ring will help to compliment your outfit without taking away from your overall look. 

During the Fall season, gold rings or necklaces are beautiful with neutral tones such as tan or brown. Winter colors, such as grey or off-white look great with silver jewelry styles. For any season, wear a jewelry piece that mixes metals such as incorporating both gold and silver. This allows for cohesion throughout your outfit that helps to coordinate both your clothes and your jewelry. 

Initial Necklace Style Tips

For initial necklaces, one option for wearing them is to choose simple and dainty styles.  A small circle with a single initial is a whimsical and unique way to have personalized jewelry

Another option while wearing a necklace, is to choose a geometric shape that displays initials. This is a modern take on an initial style necklace that is beautiful and unique. This style will go with anything and is sure to attract lots of compliments!

Initial Necklace

Multiple Initials: For those who desire to display a few special initials of the people in their life, necklaces with multiple plates or several initial bracelets are the perfect option! This allows space to incorporate the initials of multiple loved ones! 

Initial Bracelets

Monogrammed Necklaces: Monograms are a classic yet trendy way to wear your initials proudly! These necklaces tend to be perfect as a statement piece and look great when worn with simple tops or neutral-colored sweaters and dresses.

Rings: For rings, initial jewelry can be romantic and include multiple initials, like our Sterling Sweetheart Ring, or it can be simple and personalized with just a single initial. Both styles are meaningful and absolutely beautiful! One may decide to wear initial heart necklace to be reminded of someone special. For the individual initial ring, this can be worn daily and given as a present to someone else! This style is modern and simple, there are also similar rings shaped in a circle rather than a square.

Sterling Sweetheart Rings

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