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Tell your story with a Birthstone Bracelet

October 8, 2021

Jewelry- while it may be a fashion statement for a few, it can certainly be of emotional significance to other few. Gifting birthstone charm bracelets can add memories and value to your relationships. Giving a custom birthstone bracelet can mean endowing good luck, prosperity, and good fortune for your loved ones. These striking pieces of jewelry are a symbol of love and affection that you can impart to your close ones. 

The fact of gifting is that you choose the best and only an excellent choice that can distinguish your adoration for your treasured ones. The Vintage Pearl offers personalized birthstone bracelets that convey attachment and build stronger bonding between your relationships. Hence, we have chalked out a list of awesome family birthstone bracelets that you can give to your family and friends that conveys your feelings for them.

Memorable Celebrations 

Planning a surprise for your mom or would-be-mother? While you are arranging a birthday party, inviting their friends and your family members, add a special token of love with our garnet bracelet specially designed for them. Our Mothers Birthstone Bracelets are a beautiful gift to offer. Made with a silver chain and clasp, this piece of bracelet can be their lucky charm. 

Custom Birthstone Bar Bracelet

It is an unforgettable present that your mother or mom-to-be would adore for life. They can wear it daily and keep this fortune closer to them forever. 

Additionally, if you wish to give your mother a special treat on her birthday or special days like Mother’s Day, mark this day with our enormous custom Mother’s day bracelet with birthstones. Our jaw-dropping silver circle charm with the stunning birthstone of your choice makes it the perfect gift of the day. It’s remarkable and marks the special bond you possess with your lady.  

Dainty Drop Bracelet

Family Get together 

The hectic lifestyle might not permit you and your family to spend quality time together. While you must be looking out for a long time to devote time, planning a special weekend for your get-together can be enthralling. A weekend getaway with your family can help you spend precious time together and build splendid memories that you can cherish always. To add to your get-together, plan a surprise. Like a family birthstone bracelet that can add reminiscences to your trip. 

Gold Connected Birthstone Bracelet

Our gold bracelet with birthstones of your choice helps you connect all your family members in one. You can arrange them in birth order or even with each one’s birthstone representing each one like your parents, sibling, or spouse. Our special garnet bracelet will help etch memories for you and your family members even after you get back to your daily life.  

Special Occasions

Celebrating special days like a birthday or an anniversary infers your care and affection towards your loved ones. With passing years, it is imperative to showcase your fondness. This will also help your loved ones feel closer. However, if you plan to make it personalized for them, do not forget to choose only the exclusive. One such marvelous option is our special Dainty Drop Golden Bracelets. 

Dainty Drop Golden Birthstone Bracelet

This gold-filled birthstone bracelet for mom is specially crafted for your special occasions. You can further tailor-make them by adding the kids names and birthstones as per their personality. Our hand-stamped letters make them adoringly lovely, so much that your loved ones cannot resist. Furthermore, while celebrating birthdays you can choose our special monthly birthstone bracelets that best suit them. 

Honoring the innocence 

Just as children or kids, grandparents are the sweetest souls in any family. They set a strong foundation for a family. As they grow, their innocence and pure intentions are worth admiration. You would certainly like to capture memories with them and make every day special. Additionally, you would love to make them feel special. But why wait for a special day?

You can amuse them with a classy birthstone bracelet for grandma that symbolizes her persona. Our marvelous Silver Connected Birthstone Bracelets can be worn every day. This will help them keep you close, remembering you each time you are away. This will also confer your feelings for her. Further, you can customize it with special birthstones that complement her style and stance.  

Sterling Silver Connected Birthstone Bracelet

Remembering the lost loved souls 

Tragedies can be traumatic. Even if the loved ones leave us due to unforeseen situations, they still live in our hearts. Memories are eternal. And we always aim to keep our close ones closer. Thus, if you have lost any of your loved ones, embrace their memories fondly with our spectacular name birthstone bracelets. Our Sterling Name Charm Bracelet hand stamped with their name makes you feel closer to them. Their names inscribed on the bracelet engraves their reminiscences persistently. It reminds you of your lost ones, along with strengthening you to recollect the old days happily. You would never feel they are away from you. 

Sterling Name Charm Bracelet

Fun Times 

If this is a day where you plan to meet one of your closest friends or that special individual after a long-distance and time, make this day their happiest and most unforgettable day of life. While you plan a day’s itinerary, our special January or December birthstone bracelets can be the spice element they could not imagine. Trust us, the excitement you capture then will be a lasting memoir. Also, adding their birthstones would expressively intimate your feelings towards them. 

Dainty Drop Birthstone Bracelet

Birthstones are eminent gemstones that can help in creating a unique connection with your loved ones. It is that piece of exclusive jewelry that you treasure for life. Choosing the right birthstone can strongly communicate your aspirations and passion for esteemed relationships. What they mean to you can sometimes be easily conferred through the special birthstone jewels. Thus, it is essential that you make a good and right choice. 

Watch closely through the options before you pick any. If you are still looking for more gift ideas, check out our specially curated birthstone gift ideas for your loved ones. At The Vintage Pearl, we also have an absolute guide that will help you understand more on how bracelets can be a charming accessory.

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