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Personalized Bracelets – Your Everyday Meaningful Accessory

May 15, 2021
Types of Personalized Bracelets

With warm weather practically here, we are breaking out the short sleeves and putting up the sweaters. Which means more room to show off your bracelets! Personalized bracelets make the best accessory to your Spring or Summer look. Not only do bracelets elevate your look, but they can easily be stacked for a more statement look. Here at The Vintage Pearl, we believe that jewelry allows you to express yourself and that is always a good thing. Take a look at some of our favorite personalized bracelets.

Types of Personalized Bracelets 

The most common personalized bracelets we offer include your name, initial, or birthstone. Each of these is a way of customizing a piece just for you. Another way of personalizing a bracelet is using the name or initials of a loved one or your significant other. This way, you can always carry them with you no matter what!

Initial Bracelets:

Simple Initial Bracelet

Some of our most simplistic jewelry just includes an initial on a dainty chain or bangle. This personalized bracelet can come in silver or gold, hand-stamped with the initial of your choice. Choose the initial of your own name or your significant other! Being classy and trendy, this bracelet can be stacked with more than one and become a statement piece. 

Simple Initial Bracelet

Dainty Initial Bracelet

Another simple personalized bracelet is this initial on a dainty chain. The word “dainty” means small and pretty which perfectly describes this piece. Personalized initial bracelets make the perfect gift for a young girl going through school or a mother wanting to signify her first child. No matter the occasion, this simple bracelet makes a great gift!

Dainty Initial Bracelet

Name Bracelets:

Sterling Name Charm Bracelet

This personalized name bracelet is such a sweet sentimental gift for anyone you adore, or yourself! With the option of choosing your font or additional charms, you can completely customize this piece. What makes this bracelet special is the ability to make it unique and have something no one else does. You could even put your favorite verse or word in place of a name for something different. 

Name Charm Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Gold Skinny Message Cuff

This cute cuff pairs well with just about anything in your closet! It is timeless and can be worn 24/7, dressed up or down. Ideal for gifts, this piece is perfect if you don’t know their wrist size because it is adjustable! All you have to do is choose your favorite word, verse, date, or name and our team will handle the rest. This bracelet will be ever-lasting in your jewelry box.

Gold Skinny Message Cuff

Sterling Eclectic Charm Bracelet

For the mama that has many children and wants to find something that can represent them all, this bracelet is perfect. You can choose the shape of the charm, font for the charm, and add on to the bracelet over time! Don’t know if you are done having kids? No worries! Add on to this charm bracelet overtime to make it exactly what you want. 

Eclectic Charm Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Heart Bracelets:

Hearts Aligned Sterling Message Cuff

Looking for a sweet gift for a friend or relative? This personalized heart bracelet is perfect for that! Add names on the inside for a secret message only they get to see and cherish. The names could be of a significant other, kids, or grandkids. The hearts on the front add a sweet touch that can be seen when wearing it. This bracelet makes such a meaningful gesture and is a fantastic gift.

Heart Message Cuff in Sterling Silver

Secret Love Message Sterling Bangle

Heart jewelry simply cannot go out of style because of its charm and class. This personalized heart bracelet encompasses love with the option of choosing how many hearts you want on the front. Choose a heart for each of your kids and then engrave their names on the inside! This way, you will carry them with you at all times for constant encouragement. 

Secret Love Message bangle in Sterling Silver

Personalized Bracelets for Loved Ones

Sometimes it is difficult to find gifts for your loved ones including mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and aunts. One thing that you can always resort to is something customized! Personalizing a gift shows that you put thought and effort into it. Now, a personalized gift does not just mean something made in your craft room, but a quality piece, like jewelry! The Vintage Pearl offers personalized jewelry for any and every occasion.

Bracelets for Moms:

Stacking Bangles

For the ultimate classic look, consider our stacking bangles. This stack can be personalized in how many bangles you choose. Pick up to four for a more bold look, or just one or two to be able to pair with other bracelets. You can also choose between a simple metal design, twisted design, or beaded design. Bangles are ideal for just about anyone and can add a fun element to your look!

Stacking Bangles

A Full Heart Bracelet

Moms often want to represent their family and kids on their jewelry and this personalized name bracelet is perfect for that! Choose names or a special date to be hand-stamped on this heart bracelet for a sentimental touch. The larger chain makes a statement and stands out on your wrist. The beautiful plated chain and heart are sure to be an eye-catcher!

Heart Bracelet

Dainty Drop Bracelet

Birthdays are so special and we always celebrate them at The Vintage Pearl. Each birthday is unique and each month has its own special birthstone. This mix of name and stone bracelets is ideal for the moms out there that want to showcase their kids and their birthdays. Gift this to a new mama, or a mama that is adding to her family!

Dainty Drop and Birthstone Bracelet

Bracelets for Grandmas:

Sterling Eternity Circle Bracelet

This personalized name bracelet can be created with grandchildren’s names, or a special date or quote. The meaningful eternity circle represents the forever love you have and can give. Give this bracelet to your grandma to show her how much you love and appreciate her! Or, get one for all of the girls in your family at a certain age to create a family tradition. 

Eternity Circle Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Surrounded With Love Secret Message Bangle

A great way to subtly carry your grandkids with you is this secret message bangle. This personalized name bracelet is perfect if your grandma is classy and just wants to add a little sparkle to her outfit! Add all of the grandkids for a Christmas gift, or add the first grandchild’s name for a new grandma! There are multiple hearts on the outside of this bangle representing the love that is always surrounding you. 

Secret Love Message Bangle

Eclectic Bangle Silver Charm Bracelet

Another perfect personalized name bracelet for grandmas is this eclectic bangle with unique charms. Choose up to 10 charms with your choice of shapes and fonts for a one-of-a-kind piece. Mix and match your charms for dimension. This bracelet is lovely and guaranteed that your sweet grandma will love it! Each time a new grandchild is added to the family, add a new charm!

Eclectic Bangle Charm Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Bracelets for Sisters and Friends:

Sterling Silver Hand-stamped Message Bangle

For an inspirational gift, this personalized bracelet can include your favorite words, scripture, or quote. This is a great gesture for a graduation gift or a promotion. Show your loved ones that their hard work has not gone unseen. Choose a quote that encourages them or shows them how proud you are of them!

Hand-Stamped Message Bangle in Sterling Silver

Classic Sentiments Bangle

As simple as can be, our classic sentiments bangle is the perfect inspiration piece. Not only can you choose your word of choice, but you can also choose your metal and font. Want to switch it up? Engrave your name or a special date instead of a word! The possibilities are endless and up to you to create your own unique personalized bracelet.

Classic Sentiments Bangle

Skinny Leather Wrap Cuff

This personalized leather bracelet can hold three lines of words, perfect for a quote or scripture. After the past year, we can all use a little bit of encouragement and this piece is perfect for that! Get this cuff for your sister, friend, or even yourself. Consider getting matching cuffs for yourself and your friend to carry the same encouraging words with you. This leather bracelet will last through the years and can be paired with multiple other bangles as well. 

Skinny Leather Wrap Cuff

Personalized bracelets can come in many different shapes, sizes, and metals. But, one thing they all have in common is the meaning that they hold. Whether that is the name of a first child, a significant other, or a special date, they all hold value. Personalized name bracelets and personalized initial bracelets make great gifts for anyone you are close to. They are customizable enough that you can choose details but simple enough to get for everyone you know! You can also gift yourself a personalized bracelet on any day if you feel like treating yourself. Here at The Vintage Pearl, we believe in offering you high-quality, meaningful jewelry that will last you a lifetime. These bracelets are sure to live up to that and we know you will love any piece you choose!

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