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Summer Stamp Favorites

July 16, 2021
Summer Stamp Favorites

Engraving and hand stamping are not the same thing. A machine does one, and the other is done by the hands of skilled jewelry metalworkers and artisans. Unless a piece is engraved by hand, it is left up to a production line to be mass-produced. Each Vintage Pearl piece is made to order jewelry and starts when you bring your most meaningful memory to us. Our team is hands-on during each step to transform materials into a piece of art. And because of the care that goes into each piece, no one customization fits every customer. We are here for you to create a beautiful piece of jewelry that allows you to wear your story, whatever your story may be. 

Customized Hand-Stamped Jewelry In Making

In the middle of summer, so many memories made under the sun come back to our minds. From vacations to staycations to quality time spent with family and friends, whether you experienced life or heartbreak or added a new member to your family, the summer can house some very special memories. We picked out some of our favorite summer stamps that can be hand stamped onto charms of your choice to add a nice addition to your favorite necklace or bracelet. 

Summer Stamps for Hand-Stamping the Jewelry

Here are some of our favorite summertime stamps! 


The colors of the rainbow remind us of the colors of summer. The pure beauty and grandness of a rainbow 


Who doesn’t love a beach trip during the summer? Even if you never make it into the water, the sun on your skin, the sand between your toes, and the smell of the fresh air renew your spirit and give away some of the best memories with family and friends.


A cactus symbolizes endurance and standing tall despite the forces of nature. If summer brought loss to you but you’re still standing, maybe you need something to remind you, you got through it, you’re still here, alive, and stronger than you were before. 


Endless adventure, freedom, and fun await on the water. This sailboat stamp is for the sailer in your life that counts down the days until they can back to feeling the breeze blow through their hair. 

Sun on the horizon

This stamp can represent all those happy summertime memories. It can also represent a new tomorrow peaking over the edge of the horizon. Summer days can bring such great inspiration, and this stamp reminds us that each day brings new inspiration. 


Life can take you in every direction, but adventure always awaits. This compass stamp reminds us that life’s adventures never end. 


A dandelion represents hope, love, happiness. A field of dandelions takes us back to our childhood when you just had to stop and pick dozens and blow off the seeds in one breath. 

Hand-Stamped Charms

All these stamps are available on a variety of charms, gold silver and rose gold! So let us know, which stamping is your summer favorite? What is your favorite summer activity? We have even more stamps that remind us of summer, check out all the hand-stamping options on our website now!

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