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DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint

July 8, 2021
Summer Chalk Paint DIY

Summertime means your kiddos are home from school, and the sun is shining outside! We wanted to bring you Mama’s a fun activity to get your kids outside and add some colorful art to your sidewalks. I don’t know who else feels this way, but chalk is a no-go for me. The texture, the nails on a chalkboard sound, I get chills just thinking about it! But with paint, there is none of that! You don’t even have to touch it with your hands, although it is almost guaranteed every kid will want to do some finger painting with this fun and easy chalk paint. 

What you’ll need :

1. Cornstarch 

2. Water 

3. Food coloring 

4. Cups

5. Paintbrushes

6. Spoons 

Or squeezy bottles (instead of paintbrushes, cups, and spoons) 

Or a muffin tin instead of cups to have all your colors in one place! 

Corn Starch
Food Colors
Paint Brushes
Cups/Glasses and Spoons


Put three heaping tablespoons of cornstarch in a cup. 

Stir in a tablespoon at a time with a spoon until a smooth but thick consistency is achieved. Make sure you don’t have clumps of undissolved cornstarch sticking around! If you are using squeezy bottles, get to shakin’ to mix the mixture! 

You can keep adding cornstarch and water to reach your desired amount of paint. 

We recommend your mixture be more on the thicker, more cornstarch concentrated side to give you more control when painting; if the mixture is too liquidy, your paints will just run together. 

Take a food color of your choice
Add food color in the corn starch mix

Once you have your desired amount of paint, add 3-5 drops of food coloring depending on the amount of paint mixed; the more drops of food coloring, the greater the likelihood of your paintings remaining on the sidewalk for a time after being washed away! 

Different color corn starch mixtures

Repeat the process to add colors to your palette! 

Corn Starch Mixture for the Summer Chalk Paint DIY
Paint is ready to be used
Let the kids draw using their imagination

You are ready to paint! 

Fun and easy way to enjoy summers
Paint can be easily removed using water

Once you are done with your painting fun, no scrubbing is required to make your paintings disappear. Simply pour water over the sidewalk and watch as the colors magically disappear! 

Summer Chalk Paint DIY #TVPSUMMER

When thinking about summertime, we couldn’t help but think about our favorite summertime childhood memories. From playing mermaids in the pool to hand-stand competitions, climbing trees, or sleeping in, one thing is for sure; life goes by so fast, and so do those years you have with your kids being home during the summers. We wanted to give you a fun and easy way to make memories right at home because sometimes those end up being even more special than the big vacations or milestones. Share with us your favorite summertime childhood memory in the comments below, and make sure to share pictures on social media using #TVPSUMMER if you and your kiddos try out this fun DIY! 

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