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5 Most Common Questions About Sterling Silver Jewelry

February 15, 2021
Sterling silver jewelry

When choosing sterling silver vs. silver jewelry, determine whether you want long-lasting jewelry or a piece that you can only wear for a month or two. We have included the most important facts you need to know about sterling silver jewelry. We believe this can help you choose your next quality piece of jewelry!

How can I keep my sterling silver from tarnishing?

The best practice to take care of your sterling silver rings and sterling silver bracelets are to not get them wet. Water creates rust on sterling silver and can reduce the lifetime of the piece. For sterling silver necklaces, remember to hang them up once taken off. This will keep your sterling silver pieces nice and shiny and untangled!

Sterling silver disc name necklace

What is the best way to clean my sterling silver jewelry?

One of the easiest ways to keep your sterling silver jewelry clean is to use a polish cloth regularly. Our polish cloth is great for shining sterling silver jewelry before a big day or just when it is looking dull! This is also a great addition to any jewelry gift. 

Sterling silver personalized bracelet

How can I make my sterling silver jewelry last?

Sterling silver can last for centuries if taken care of the proper way. The top way to keep it long-lasting is to not shower or swim in it and to polish it every few years. The Vintage Pearl guarantees long-lasting sterling silver in every purchase. 

Mixed metals name rings necklace

What is the best skin tone for sterling silver jewelry?

Most often than not, cool and neutral tones pair well with sterling silver jewelry. However, sterling silver can look great on any skin tone, including warmer tones. Whether you are looking for a sterling silver bracelet for kids or a sterling silver ring for men, everyone is sure to look great wearing it. 

Sterling silver personalized bracelet

Why is sterling silver jewelry more expensive than other silver jewelry?

The most important facts about sterling silver are that it is sure to last you a lifetime and can become an heirloom in your family. For example, the price of a sterling silver ring can be more expensive than regular silver but will stand the test of time. 

Sterling silver stackable rings

Why choose sterling silver jewelry? Sterling silver pieces are long-lasting and beautiful. When compared to regular silver, it is ensured to be more durable and hypoallergenic. Sterling silver might just be the perfect choice for you, and The Vintage Pearl has many options to choose from!

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    Sterling Silver rusts!?!? I’ve never knew that it would rust….I know it tarnishes or oxidizes but I thought only steel products rust. Interesting!

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