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6 Ways You Are Ruining Your Jewelry Without Knowing It

October 28, 2020

Have you ever had your favorite necklace become so tangled that it is well beyond fixing? Or have you ever lost a jewel to a favorite bracelet after wearing it for months straight? If so, you may be ruining your jewelry without knowing it! We have 6 ways you may be ruining your favorite jewelry without realizing you are doing it!

1. You are NOT: Hanging your Necklaces

This can be a common reason as to why necklaces begin to tangle, and knots begin to form in necklace chains. When necklaces are laying in a jewelry box or on a counter, they can easily begin to knot over time. A perfect solution to this unwanted tangling is to hang your necklaces in a jewelry holder that has pegs specifically for necklaces! If this is unavailable, an easy DIY solution is to hang your necklaces on hangers in your closet!

2. You are NOT: Taking off your jewelry while washing your hands

In the world of 2020, we are washing our hands constantly! Just because you want to be healthy does not mean your jewelry should suffer. Try taking off your rings and bracelets while washing your hands to keep them from becoming worn and damaged! Over time, this can cause issues within the metal and take away some of the shine!

3. You are NOT: Properly cleaning your jewelry

Although there may be some great DIY Pinterest ways to clean your jewelry, there is no substitute for getting your jewelry professionally cleaned. Most of the time, where you purchase your jewelry will also offer cleaning services over time. Make sure you are taking the opportunity to have your jewelry cleaned every once in a while so that it looks great even years after wearing it!

4. You ARE: Wearing the same jewelry every day

We get it! Your jewelry is absolutely beautiful, and you want to wear it every day and show it off. Sadly, as time goes on, your jewelry becomes worn and less beautiful if it is experiencing the elements of the world every day. Try taking your jewelry off and switching your pieces out each day to preserve your jewelry and keep it looking beautiful!

5. You ARE: Taking showers or swimming while wearing your jewelry

Have you ever noticed after getting jewelry wet in a chlorine-filled pool or after taking a shower that it looks less shiny? This could be because the chemicals within chlorine pools are not best for keeping jewelry looking great! Water actually can cause jewelry to lose its quality over time. 

6. You ARE: Wearing your jewelry while you sleep

Another common mistake when it comes to wearing jewelry is forgetting to take off your jewelry while sleeping! Unfortunately, jewelry can become tangled while you toss and turn at night. In addition, it can become damaged while sleeping if it is hit against the bed, or another object. An easy solution is to make sure you are taking off your jewelry every night before bed!

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