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Holiday Gift Ideas For Her: Personalized Jewelry

October 28, 2020

Your wife might think that you’re the best present she’s ever received, but we guarantee she’ll appreciate a gift every once in a while. From personalized birthstone rings to gorgeous layering necklaces, you can find something just for the lady in your life, whether she’s your friend, daughter, wife, or even you! We’ve compiled a list of holiday gift ideas for her that’s sure to remind her just how loved she is! 

A gift for the Ring Lovers

You can imagine the person we’re talking about. No matter where they go or what they wear, these ring enthusiasts always have well-styled hands. Their rings are an overall part of their style by now, and we can’t imagine their hands unadorned. For these gals, a new ring is always a good idea.

  • If you have a travel lover in your life, this travel-themed ring set is the perfect gift. A fun compass ring that accompanies another ring customized with coordinates is just for her. We love this ring because it’s a special reminder to travelers of where they’ve been and where they are going.
  • This fun signet ring is for the bold woman in your life. Not too big and not too small, this ring is the perfect subtle statement for everyday wear. You can make this ring special by adding a secret engraved message on the inside of the ring. 
  • This mod circle ring adds an artistic flair to any hand. We love how cool this ring looks paired with other simple bands. A beautiful gift for any abstract art lovers in your life (pro-tip: tell her that the circle represents your eternal love). 
  • This paws ring is for the dog moms! We love this sweet ring that features a puppy paw for those who want to take a reminder of their furry friend everywhere with them. 
  • You can’t go wrong with this custom birthstone ring with a personalized note on the inside of the band. It’s the epitome of thoughtful, and she’ll want to wear her personalized gift every day. 
  • This holiday gift is for our minimalist ladies who love a simple look. Our tiny golden birthstone rings can be worn alone for simplicity or they can also be stacked together to create a bolder look.

A Gift for the Layering Queens

The ladies who love layering their necklaces are usually pretty handy with their wardrobe. They go from work to dinner with a quick change of jewelry and a swipe of lipstick and somehow never seem out of vogue. For these fashionistas, be sure to get them something simple enough to be worn in any setting.

  • This dainty bar necklace is hand stamped with a name or phrase of your choice. It’s simple and perfect for wearing every day, no matter your outfit. A signature piece, this necklace can be layered with another one of our simple necklaces or worn alone for a subtle touch. 
  • Another delicate option is our gold personalized tag necklace. This necklace mixes it up with a unique shape that’s sure to add a stylish twist to any layered look. 
  • This golden bits of my heart necklace is precious and perfect for new moms or even moms and grandmas of any number. We love this piece as a simple piece that moms won’t mind wearing even in their sweatpants. 

A Gift for the Glam Girls 

Somehow, they never fail to find the trends before they hit the streets. Always en vogue, the glam girls know how to throw a party with the central theme being their outfit. Gift these gals with something extra special that’s sure to wow them (and their followers).

  • We love this golden coin necklace because it’s on the subtle side of the statement. It can easily be layered with gold chains or worn alone as a knockout piece. It says wise and ancient while still looking fresh and on-trend. 
  • Gift these bold geometric earrings to your fashionista for their birthday or Christmas. These earrings make a big statement and will easily spice up outfits. They are even available in snakeskin for an extra pop! 
  • We adore this classy signet ring that’s a forever keepsake. This ring is a great statement piece that you get to personalize and make incredibly meaningful! Plus, signet rings are popular with celebrities, so you know you’re gift will be on-trend.
  • This spinner ring is a favorite of ours because it combines fashion and fun (what’s better than that?). This hand stamped ring is both silver and gold to match any preferences. It’s a great statement piece for any jewelry collection, and a fidget spinner for moments of boredom or when you don’t know what to do with your hands (we usually have no clue!).

That concludes our holiday gift guide for her, but it doesn’t bring an end to our selection of personalized jewelry that you can order as a gift for anyone special in your life. We love that our customers don’t just want a piece of jewelry but a piece of jewelry that represents the most beautiful and meaningful parts of their life, whether that be family, dreams, or even pets! 

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