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7 reasons to love Bar Necklaces

April 5, 2022
Bar Necklace

For completing an outfit, jewelry is often considered a fashion accessory. For thousands of years, jewelry has recreated an important role in human life. Especially for a woman, jewelry has been an integral part of their life. Women are passionate about it because it represents a symbol of femininity and social status. Wearing a piece of jewelry not only enhances the beauty but also makes them more confident and stronger. 

While some like heavy pieces of jewelry, some prefer minimal sets. As we have jewelry for every occasion and outfit, we suggest you try the bar necklace which is in fashion. Because of the versatility of the design, this piece of jewelry can go with any kind of style. Whether traditional or modern attire, the bar necklaces at The Vintage Pearl can add beauty due to their minimalist yet elegant nature. Here are 7 reasons to love Bar Necklaces:

Elegance & Minimalism 

With changing times, fashion nowadays has moved to be more minimalist. A woman now prefers to keep their style simple and extravagant with a minimal piece of jewelry. That is where Bar necklaces are preferable. Their simple yet elegant designs are more appealing even if you wear them with a simple T-shirt and a pair of jeans. This simple piece of fine craftsmanship usually highlights the more nuanced facets such as the brilliance of the material. So, you can add that minimal classiness to your style with our Birthstone Bar Necklace. You can have your preferred choice of the chain either in gold or silver. Moreover, the choice of birthstone will define your personality. You can even choose to gift this gorgeous and custom gold bar necklace with a birthstone to someone you love. It is the perfect complement to any understated style. 

Birthstone Bar Necklace


Due to its nature, pieces of bar pendant jewelry are highly customized. According to your preference, you can inscribe a message or a name, or even a symbol between the spaces on the bar. This personalization can give even the simplest bar necklace jewelry a piece of eminence that is truly unmatched in other types of jewelry. One such extraordinary and personalized piece of jewelry is the You and Me Sterling Custom Necklace. With the names of your loved ones hand-stamped with the font of your choice, it is a meaningful gift adding the glory your relationship cherishes. It is also perfect daily wear helping to keep your darlings close to you.

You and Me Sterling Custom Necklace

Further, on occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, you can gift your loved ones with a personalized bar necklace like the Dainty Name Bar necklace. You can make a bar necklace customized to what you and your loved one are celebrating. Like where you can add your name or any word you want with a delicate sterling silver chain or a stunning dainty gold-filled chain. The hand-stamp of each letter will be made individually making each piece special and unique. You can also add your favorite font and size for the chain. Young teenagers usually like wearing name bar necklaces. 

Dainty Name Bar Necklace


Bar necklaces can add that versatility even in their simple design. The overall design of the bar necklace can go with anything. Whether you want to opt for shimmery party wear or a casual dress. Even if you want something for a low-key date night with your partner, a bar necklace will be just perfect for such an occasion. 

You can try our strikingly crafted Golden Rectangle Names with Love Necklace which is one of the popular necklaces available in a gold chain. This golden rectangular piece with a love necklace will give you all the charms and those love hearts add more charm to your look.

Golden Rectangle Names With Love Necklace

For a special occasion, you can even choose our custom gold bar necklaces like the Golden Rectangle Names on a Chain filled with remarkable gold charms that will symbolize your love forever. You can hand-stamp the name with the font of your choice. This is truly a versatile piece of jewelry making your love bond stronger every day. 

Golden Rectangle Names On A Chain

Cherishing Memories

A great way to preserve memories is to give something which will remind you of good times forever. Bar necklaces are special because there is such a tremendous variety of ways to show off the easy style and love. 

The Sterling Silver Personalized Birthstone Name Necklace is the perfect gift for cherished memories. This piece of jewel will have your choice of birthstone and also name together. You can also customize the color of the birthstone. This could be the best gift for any occasion for your loved one.

Sterling Silver Personalized Birthstone Necklace

Also, for those who are looking to capture eternal memories, our Skinny Grad Necklace is the best gift. The necklace available in gold and silver is unique for personalization. You can inscribe a name or date hand-stamped with the font of your choice. It is a classic piece of jewelry that will forever keep your memories closer. 

Skinny Grad Necklace


The words creativity, inspiration, and aspiration are inter-connected. The significance of jewelry has also evolved from a state of security to a sign of quality to showcase your style. Whether the history behind it or the design, jewelry inspires you to wear them that makes you feel more confident and inspired. One such inspirational piece is our long stunning Silver Bar Necklace where you can inscribe names or inspiring words that keep you motivated each day. This necklace instead can work like a tattoo sharing a special message that you aim to embrace daily.

Silver Bar Necklace

In case you want it in gold, you can select our Gold Bar Necklace too. The gold-filled rectangle bar with a message engraved on it can be truly motivating for you. You can even give this to someone close to you who wishes luck and goodness in life.  

Gold Bar Necklace

Goes with everything 

Whether you wear it on its own or pair it with other necklaces for a more layered look, a bar necklace is that protean piece of jewelry to dress up or simplify your look for any occasion. The Rose Gold Birthstone Rectangle Bar Necklace is perfect for any sort of style. This piece of necklace will make any regular outfit attractive. However, for a grandeur outlook, this necklace must be worn with simple outfits so attention can be given to your jewelry. 

Rose Gold Birthstone Rectangle Bar Necklace

For those who believe gold is the statement of royalty and style, our Gold Birthstone Rectangle Bar Necklace can be a classic choice. This gold rectangle necklace includes birthstones that will determine and out rightly signify your personality. It is a good combination of style and self-identity. 

Gold Birthstone Rectangle Bar Necklace


Out of all the jewelry, bar necklaces have charming aspects as they can be layered. The simplicity of design provides a pleasant extravagant backdrop for other jewelry. It counts intricacy to other pieces in your jewelry box and your fashion in general. Our Skinny Rectangle Names Charm Necklace has those thin rectangle charms separately hand-cut in various lengths. While still serving the basic style of the bar pendant, this necklace is a fun way to be a little different while owning the classic styling of bar necklaces.

Skinny Rectangle Name Charm Necklace

Hence, if you have been planning to buy the perfect everyday or regular necklace for your outfit, bar necklaces can be your excellent choice. It can be paired with other necklaces defining your style and characteristics.

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