Everything you need to know about personalized rings

June 17, 2021
Personalized Rings for you or your loved ones

Rings are great because you can wear one or multiple at a time and make a statement. Personalized rings can be simple or bold, it’s up to you to create your custom piece. When designing your personalized ring, keep in mind what other rings you might be wearing at the same time, such as a wedding ring or promise ring. This will help you choose the metal and size. Next, think about what finger you want to wear the ring on. If you want it in close proximity to your other rings, maybe choose a simple band. If it is going to be on the lone finger, maybe look for a statement ring! We carry so many options at The Vintage Pearl and know that you will have fun picking out your own unique personalized ring.

Types of Personalized Rings

Some of the most popular personalized rings you will see are personalized name rings and personalized initial rings. As this trend continues to get more and more popular, we have some super cute numbers for you available on our site! Choose from a single band with a name on it, or thicker bands with multiple elements. They also make great personalized rings for mom. We think that whatever you choose will soon become one of your favorite jewelry pieces!

Name Rings

1. One Word Ring:

This simplistic personalized name ring can be customized for anyone you know! You could even put an inspirational word or a meaningful year for sentimental value. The plate on top of the band is hand-stamped and creates dimension so the name is easily seen. This piece makes a fantastic gift and will show that you put effort and thought into what you got them. Get this piece for a young girl just starting her jewelry collection and let it be a piece she cherishes forever! The Vintage Pearl loves this ring and we think you will too!

One Word Custom Ring

2. Name and Stone Stacking Ring Set:

For a more intricate ring set, this combination of name and stone ring is an eye-catcher. This set of stacking rings is made just for you. Choose your font, name, and birthstone to represent your life, and pair this set with a casual errand outfit or a night-out look! It is so versatile that you never even have to take it off. Add to the stack for a fun look as well. This personalized name ring and personalized birthstone ring make a stunning set that anyone is sure to enjoy. 

Name and Birthstone Stacking Ring

3. Skinny Message Spinner Ring:

This personalized name ring is a fun twist on a classic piece. Adding a spinning element on a thick band creates a statement piece out of this classic name ring. It is also composed of metal and gold pieces, perfect for mixed-metal lovers. Mixing metals is very trendy and we believe everyone can pull it off. We love this spinner ring because it is unique and not something you see every day!

Skinny Message Spinner Ring

Initial Rings

1. Circle Initial Ring:

Such a sweet way to represent someone is their initial. If you are in a relationship or just had a child, this ring is perfect to carry the letter of their name. Not only does the circle flatter your finger, but you also have the option of choosing between silver and gold. It looks classy and whimsical at the same time. This personalized initial ring looks great on anyone and is dainty enough to be worn every day!

Initial Circle Ring

Birthstone Rings:

1. Birthstone Spinner Ring:

If you are looking for a unique personalized birthstone ring, this one is just for you! With the ability to add up to four spinner birthstone rings to represent loved ones, you can completely customize this piece. You can have all of the pieces in one spot or spread out around the band. This design lets you have a special reminder of the ones that mean the most each time you spin a ring!

Birthstone Spinner Ring in Sterling Silver

2. Gold Stacking Birthstone Rings:

These personalized birthstone rings stack so well with each other as well as other rings. They are customizable as you can choose the type of band and the birthstone. A darling way to style them is to get a band for each of your kids with their birthstones, or one for you and your significant other. Show us how you style your personalized jewelry from The Vintage Pearl and tag us on Instagram! You might just be featured on our page!

Gold Stacking Birthstone Ring

3. Custom Birthstone Ring:

This handmade personalized birthstone ring can be created for multiple different reasons. You can choose the birthstone of your child, your favorite color, or the month your anniversary is in! There is a secret engraving on the inside of this band and can be hand-stamped with a name, date, or motivational word. There are so many possibilities with this sweet piece and you can make it exactly how you want!

Custom Birthstone Ring

Personalized Rings for Loved Ones

Never forget your loved ones when jewelry shopping! Personalized rings are great for mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and cousins. Choose a dainty ring for the lady that likes to keep it simple or a bold ring for the fashionista. Gift shopping should not be hard and The Vintage Pearl is here to make it as easy as possible for you! Here are some meaningful rings that make great gift ideas for your loved ones. 

Rings for Your Friends 

1. Halo Personalized Stacking Name Ring:

A very subtle personalized name ring is this halo-style band. It is designed so that you can only see the name when viewed from the side. This being so, it is a sweet little message that only you can see when you look for it! These bands look great stacked and are perfect personalized mommy rings

Halo Personalized Stacking Name Ring

2. Secret Love Message Ring:

Carry a secret love note or name on the inside of this personalized heart ring! Not only would this make a great anniversary gift, but it would also be a great gift for a first-time mom. Engrave their new little love on the inside for a special sentiment. They will surely cherish this forever and can even pass it on to their little ones when they grow up!

Secret Love Message Ring

3. Simple Timeline Ring:

This personalized date ring is such a cute keepsake to remember an important date in your life. Choose the date of your anniversary, kids’ birthday, or any milestone in your life. This ring is hand-stamped in our studio because we know how much this special date may mean to you. This ring actually makes a great gift for a girl or guy for any occasion!

Simple Timeline Ring

Rings for Your Sister or Mother

1. Itty Bitty Heart Stacking Ring:

These heart rings are meant to be stacked! Wear one for each of your sweet kids, or to represent an important time in your life. You can choose between silver or gold and wear as many as you like at a time. This style of ring is perfect to give one at a time over multiple occasions, or all at once.  

Itty Bitty Heart Stacking Ring

2. Chunky Timeline Ring:

The perfect ring for your mom who wants to show off her anniversary date, or sister that wants to show off her first child’s birthday, this statement ring can do it all! You can even stack this ring with any of our other stacking rings for a cool statement look. This personalized ring can fit so many different occasions and be designed just for you! 

Chunky Timeline Ring

3. Spun with Love Spinner Ring:

This ring was made for lovers and can be customized just for you or a loved one. Choose between sterling silver or gold-filled for the rings and stack up to 5 at a time. This pairing is great to represent siblings, kids, or grandkids! Since the band is thicker than most, it makes a stunning statement piece and can hold so much meaning. 

Spun With Love Spinner Ring

Personalized rings are not only great gifts but make great conversation pieces. You are able to explain the meaning behind each name, date, band, and birthstone when asked. People often underestimate the power of jewelry and how meaningful each piece can be. The next time you are looking at your jewelry box, let each piece take you back to a time and place and embrace that feeling! Jewelry that is passed down through generations often always has meaning to it as well. Pieces from The Vintage Pearl are created with love and quality and meant to last a lifetime. What are you waiting for?

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