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Your Ultimate Guide To Personalized Jewelry Gifts

December 3, 2020

Christmas trees and cheer are going up all around us. Shops are starting special Christmas sales, and hundreds of cheerful cards are being written and happily sent off. We love the cheer and beauty of the Christmas season. We also love buying presents for our family and friends. After a crazy year that’s been hard for many, this is the season to show how much we love and appreciate our people! But admittedly, Christmas shopping can be stressful amidst the hustle and bustle of this busy season.

From figuring out what your dad wants to plan out the Christmas day menu, pre-Christmas shopping can be stressful and far too busy. We’re here to help! 

Instead of stressing out about every gift in your family, let us help you find the perfect personalized gift for women on your list (and you can send this article to your husband as a little hint, too). Below is our ultimate guide to finding the perfect jewelry gifts for her

Model wearing personalized necklace with initials

Finding the Perfect Piece of Personalized Jewelry Tips 


This might be a given, but keep in mind the style of the person who will receive this gift. It’s meaningful to buy them something that will look good on them and go with their particular taste of fashion in mind. That doesn’t mean you can’t branch out and get them something out of their comfort zone that you think they’ll love, though! Just remember that you’re buying this for someone with their style, clothes, and personality; try to pick something that matches them.

Skin tone

If you aren’t sure of a gold or silver preference, you can always match skin tone with the metal. Although it’s not a hard and fast rule, those with cooler skin tones usually look amazing with silver-toned jewelry. People with a warmer skin tone typically look fantastic in yellow gold jewelry, rose gold jewelry, or even brass. Those with a neutral skin tone match with both metal colors. Although the skin tone rule isn’t always followed (and even if you have a warm skin tone, you can still look impressive in silver!), it can help you pick out the perfect gift for someone! 


You’ll want to estimate or ask what their size is, whether for rings, bracelets, or even necklaces. We have a great guide on how to find the perfect necklace size here.

Gifts for the Moms

Are you looking for a holiday gift for a mom, grandma, aunt, or another mother figure? We have so many excellent gifts, from bracelets to rings that are perfect for moms. These beautiful pieces are daily reminders of one of the most important jobs out there: taking care of and loving the next generation. Check out a few of our favorite picks for these special women in your life. 

Model wearing jewelry for moms with children's names and a heart charm

Gifts for the Simple Gals

If you’re buying a personalized piece of jewelry for someone in your life that has an eye for simplistic style, they’ll love our gift picks for minimalistic ladies. These pieces are lovely and delicate without being too attention-grabbing and will go with just about any outfit or style. 

Model wearing Personalized rings

Gifts for the Trendsetters

Maybe you’re looking for a gift for the resident fashionista friend or family member. You want something unique and remarkable, just like them. These finds are on-trend, personalized to create the most meaningful gift, one-of-a-kind. 

Model wearing personalized necklace

Something For Everyone

Maybe you’re buying a gift for a boss or a new acquaintance, and you’re just not sure what to choose. Gift buying for people we don’t know well can be difficult, but we’re here to give you our ultimate guide to personalized gifts, including something for everyone.

Personalized Jewelry Makes the Perfect Gift

There’s something so special about opening a gift that’s been chosen and hand-crafted just for you. This year, show how special your friends and family members are to you by choosing something personalized for their tastes and life. Customized jewelry is more than just a gift; it’s a meaningful way to express just how much you appreciate someone. From birthstones to secret inscriptions, we can hand-stamp and craft extraordinary jewelry pieces that are genuinely one-of-a-kind.

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