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19 Meaningful Gifts for Father’s Day

June 8, 2021

Make your Father’s Day shopping easy this year with our new collection made up of so many great Father’s Day gifts! Whether it is for your Dad, Grand Dad, or the Father figure in your life, we made this list of great custom Father’s Day gifts, as well as pieces that are ready to ship for your last-minute Father’s Day gift needs.

Fatherhood plays a vital role in your life, and Father’s Day is a celebration of all they do to love and protect their families. Show your husband, dad, grand-dad, and father figures alike that even when words escape you or when you simply don’t show it enough, you are thankful for the role they have played in your life.

We intentionally chose each piece in this collection, so you don’t have to worry about your dad’s style not being represented in our collection. Across the spectrum of timeless to bold pieces in this collection, these meaningful Father’s Day gifts all come from a place of love and appreciation. Love for the tender moments and memories you share. Gratitude for the things they imparted in you during your childhood or in the childhood of your children. Appreciation for the tough lessons your dad has taught you, or for the lessons, your husband is teaching your children.

Custom Gifts for Dad

1. Men’s ID Bracelet

No two men are the same, and this bracelet is made to recognize that. The contrast of the classic stainless-steel chain connecting the custom ID bar makes this a staple for every man, no matter his style. The etched roman numerals, coordinates, or letters make this custom piece perfect for showing him you know what is most important and meaningful to him.

Men’s Bracelet

2. Black Stainless Steel Signet Ring

With the contemporary twist on a classic design, this piece makes a bold statement. The rounded face of this all-black stainless steel signet ring can be etched in silver with his initials.

Men’s Signet Ring

3. Men’s Coordinates Cuff

Just like every man, coordinates are distinctly unique. With this cuff, you can give him a memory of the place’s that mean the most to him. The sleek black enamel design of this cuff allows the silver etched coordinates to be the feature of the piece.

Men’s Coordinates Cuff

4. Black Leather ID Bracelet

From a suit, casual clothes, or date night, this personalized bracelet will be the perfect touch to finish off his look. By incorporating a special message on the ID plate, this bracelet becomes less of an accessory and more of a description of who he is.

Men’s Leather Bracelet

5. Personalized Cable Keychain

Even the simplest things in life hold strong meanings. This cable keychain is not only functional, but also represents the safety, trust and accountability he is responsible for in his family’s life. The front and back are both customizable for names or a short but meaningful message or saying.

Personalized Cable Keychain

6. Black Enameled Stainless Cross

For that modern, edgy man of faith in your life, this ink-black medium-thin cross-chain is a simple design that holds a statement. The brushed semi-matte cross has a customizable back for placing a bible verse, names, or initials to make this piece a meaningful and personalized Father’s Day gift.

Black Enameled Stainless Steel Cross

7. Sterling Silver Square Signet Ring

A signet ring is traditionally perceived as a symbol of heritage, and we chose this ring because it represents that same sentiment. This ring marks the start of a legacy that is started from your husband becoming a father. This personalized Father’s Day gift represents the impact he has on this world that lasts longer than his time on earth, the mark he makes through raising his children, who, like him, can go on to change the world.

Sterling Silver Square Signet Ring

8. Sterling Silver Personalized Cross Necklace

This cross pendant hung on a thin, antique washed box chain is the perfect gift to honor any man of faith. The cross has a customizable cut-out for his name in the middle of the polished sterling silver cross.

Personalized Cross Necklace

9. Sterling Silver Personalized Dog Chain

This custom Dog Tag necklace makes the perfect unique Father’s Day gifts for any man. Whether you choose for the dog tag to feature names, dates, or a special saying, this classic design is perfect for men of any style. Make your Father’s Day message last throughout time by writing it on one of these dog tags.

Personalized Dog Chain

Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts

1. Men’s Bible Verse Band, 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Love is more than a feeling; love takes work; love takes commitment. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 subtly engraved on this ring serves as a reminder of all the ways we should live according to God. If you replace your name with the word love throughout the verse, you can test how well you are loving your husband the way God calls us to. This gift truly is a truly meaningful gift for Father’s Day, as it serves as a reminder for both you and your husband of the importance of loving each other has on not only your lives but of the lives of your children.

Bible Verse Band

2. Sterling Silver Cross Signet Ring

Throughout history, signet rings have become synonymous with heritage, unique authority, and promises. The contrast of the contemporary black enamel surface encircling a small silver cross on the face of the ring creates a bold statement of the authority he has from his faith in Christ. This ring is perfect for gifting to a spiritual father who found their way into your life by the grace of God.

Cross Signet Ring

3. Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Curb Chain

This sleek diamond-cut curb chain adds the perfect shine to any outfit. With its glistening sterling silver, this chain makes the perfect addition to any outfit day and night.

Sterling Silver Curb Chain

4. Gold Stainless Steel Curb Chain

This chain is perfect for the man that likes the simple things in life. Our gold chain is easily worn with daytime looks, and can seamlessly transition into any night. This last-minute Father’s Day gift can be guaranteed to be worn every day.

Gold Stainless Steel Curb Chain

5. Stainless Steel Curb Chain

Even simplicity can be meaningful. This well-crafted and sturdy chain may be simple but is a classic staple for every man’s collection. Give him something he will look forward to wearing everyday this Father’s Day.

Stainless Steel Curb Chain

6. Stainless Steel Brushed Cross

The industrial cross pendant converges style with meaning. The cross symbolizes his commitment to faith in a way that fits his sense of style. This is another great gift for your faith father’s or dad’s who like their chains to make a subtle statement.

Stainless Steel Brushed Cross

7. Sterling Silver Nail Cross

Hung on a thin sterling silver box chain, this cross pendant serves as both a symbol of faith and a reminder of how important it is to take up their cross daily. The hammered front of the cross proves there is always beauty and value in the imperfect.

Sterling Silver Nail Cross

8. Modern Stainless Cross Necklace

A modern twist on the classic cross-chain, this cross is made to signify the backbone of faith in his life. Hanging on a classic 22” stainless steel box chain, the intricate design of the cross features a polished silver vertical bar overlapped horizontally with a brushed matte finish.

Stainless Steel Cross Necklace

9.     Black and Silver Men’s Band

Classic and modern, this dual-toned ring has a slightly domed design with a high shine polished silver edges and a brushed matte black center.

Black and Silver Men’s Band

10.   Black Men’s Band

This glossy black ring is simple and ready to wear for any occasion. This ring combines simplicity with a bold statement to make a classic ring perfect for a stylish and modern look.

Classic Tungsten Dome Ring

On behalf of The Vintage Pearl, we wish all the Father’s and Father figures of our employees and customers a very, very happy Father’s day. We hope you hold them close to your heart, give them a good squeeze, and don’t forget to tell them you love them! We hope you find the best gift to remind them you love them!

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