Everything you need to know about personalized necklaces

April 12, 2021
Personalized Necklaces

Personalized necklaces are great meaningful pieces to have. With so many options, you can get one for yourself or any of your loved ones! Customize with your choice of metal, font, and other charms. You can’t go wrong with a gift that has sentimental value. Personalized necklaces make the best gifts for not only birthdays, but Mother’s Day, anniversaries, or just appreciation! Complete the personalized necklace with a nice gift-wrapped box and a sweet card. Even add some flowers for some extra love! Finding a necklace for yourself? You can gift yourself flowers! If we have learned anything in the past year, it is that there is never a bad time to treat yourself!

Types of Personalized Necklaces

The most common personalized necklaces are often a name or initial necklaces. These are commonly gifted to a newlywed who has changed their name, or anyone trendy! Initial and name necklaces can come in heart shapes or pair with additional pearls and charms. In addition, they are usually available in silver or gold to choose from for your liking. 

Initial Necklaces

Love Squared Sterling Silver Necklace: This personalized necklace is stamped on all four sides with your choice of initial, heart, star, or cross. Making a perfect place for a couple and two kids, or a couple’s initials and hearts! The possibilities are endless and give you the freedom to make this your own. Complete your chain with a freshwater pearl to keep it light and dainty. This piece can be paired with pretty much any look. 

Square Initial Necklace

Sterling Lowercase Typewriter Initial Necklace: For a more simple lady, this initial necklace is perfect for you! Whether you just want your own initial or your initial with the initial of your loved one and children, you can choose up to 4 typewriter charms. This sterling silver necklace is very complimenting to cooler skin tones and can be paired with a simple top to accentuate your neckline.

Typewriter Initial Necklace

Gold Initials on a Chain Necklace:  This personalized initial necklace is the ultimate staple to anyone’s collection. Gold looks great when paired with any color top and looks even better with all skin tones! It also comes in different styles of chains to accommodate any style you prefer. For a more feminine look, choose the dainty chain. It can also be paired with a Rolo chain or a box chain. 

Gold Initial Charm Necklace

Name Necklaces

Chunky love Sterling Necklace: For a more bold look, pick this personalized name necklace that can hold multiple names at once. This is the perfect jewelry for a mom or grandmother that wants to show off all of their kids or grandkids at once. Complete with a sentimental heart in the middle and a pearl charm, this piece can become your go-to statement necklace

Sterling Silver Name Necklace

Dainty Rose Gold Names and a Stone Necklace: This personalized name necklace offers a more youthful look. The rose gold is sweet and romantic, which makes it ideal to wear on date nights or a night out with friends. Rose gold is super durable and will last a lifetime. This necklace will not be leaving your jewelry box anytime soon! It also carries a birthstone, which makes this a great birthday gift for a loved one or yourself!

Rose Gold Names and Birthstone Necklace

Mother of Pearl Silver Infinity Necklace: An elegant way to show off all of the special people in your life is with a mother of pearl. This personalized name necklace consists of an infinity sterling silver ring with hand-stamped names and a statement pearl which is said to attract prosperity. This unique pendant can be hung on your choice of chain and paired with a simple top to add a little flair to any outfit. 

Mother of Pearl Name Necklace

Necklaces for Loved ones

Personalized necklaces are commonly gifted to loved ones for holidays and other special occasions. From simple personalized necklaces to bold personalized necklaces, The Vintage Pearl has a wide variety of options for anyone in your life. Let us know if you can’t make a decision, we can help!

Necklaces for Moms

Mama Disc Necklace: The best gift for a new mama or a soon-to-be mom is a personalized necklace with their new name on it! They will be proud to have that on their chest. Becoming a mom is a huge milestone and should be commemorated. This necklace can be sterling silver or gold-filled and is a nice reminder that you are needed as a little’s mama!

Mama Disc Necklace

Blessed Mom With Birthstones Necklace: Another idea for mom is this personalized birthstone necklace. It is perfect if she has several kids or will eventually have more. Not only does this sterling silver necklace have an infinity circle engraved with “blessed mom,” but it can be customized with the birthstones of all your children. This piece will be a constant reminder of how blessed she is as a mom and bring meaning every time she wears it!

Blessed Mom Necklace With Birthstones

A New Leaf Necklace: Looking for a personalized necklace for a new mom or a newlywed? This New Leaf necklace symbolizes a new beginning and a new journey. It is often said that “turning over a new leaf” is good luck. Turning over a new leaf could also resemble moving, graduating, or adoption. The back of this charm can be hand-stamped with a year that your new journey was established!

A New Leaf Necklace

Necklaces for Grandmothers

Secret Love Message Heart Sterling Silver Necklace: A great gift for a grandma is this sweetheart necklace complete with a secret hand-stamping and pearl charm. This personalized name necklace can hold the name of a new grandchild on the inside that is only visible when looked for. What a great way to symbolize a new little love added to the family and becoming a grandparent!

Sterling Silver Heart Necklace With A Secret Message

Vintage Locket Necklace: For a much more vintage look, this personalized necklace includes a locket to hold a photo as well as a secret hand-stamping on the back of the charm. This special piece is a fantastic first-time grandparent gift when complete with a photo of their new grandchild and its name on the back!

Vintage Locket Necklace With Photo

Dainty Love Token Necklace: One more personalized necklace perfect for a grandmother is this special love token necklace. Made with a heart and a hand-stamped name, this can be customized with “Nana” or “Grandma” to be given to your grandmother! This piece will no doubt be cherished for years and can be worn on any given day.

Dainty Love Token Necklace

Necklaces for your Daughter or Granddaughter

Our Family Birthstone Personalized Rectangle Necklace: A great gift for your daughter or granddaughter is this personalized birthstone necklace. This piece captures so much meaning as it can hold your choice of birthstones and name engravement. Not only does this gift hold meaning with their birthstone and name, but it can be cherished for many years to come!

Family Birthstone Necklace

Silver and Gold Little Loves Necklace: The ultimate dainty necklace is this personalized heart necklace. With the option to choose how many hearts you want, you can have each heart represent a little love or significant other. This piece makes a great gift for your granddaughter or daughter that is about to get married. You can give her away with a little piece of your heart that she can carry with her.

Love Necklace

Sterling Silver Eternity Heart Necklace: Another way to show your daughter or granddaughter how much you love them is this personalized heart necklace that comes hand-stamped with one or more names and is complete with a pearl charm! Whether it is a birthday or another holiday, anyone is sure to appreciate this meaningful necklace!

Eternity Heart Necklace

Necklaces for Friend

Dainty Drop Sterling Silver Necklace: Want to give your bestie something sweet and meaningful? This personalized birthstone and name necklace can make the perfect gift to thank your friend for always being there for you! Here at The Vintage Pearl, we say to never forget about your bestie when gift-giving!

Sterling Silver Dainty Drop Necklace

Skinny Grad Necklace: Graduation season is upon us and there is no better time to celebrate the year we are in than now! This personalized grad year necklace makes the perfect graduation gift for a friend, or yourself! Match with your bestie and celebrate this special time of your life. 

Skinny Grad Necklace

Peas in a Pod Necklace: A great personalized necklace to represent you and your best friend can be this sentimental piece. Choose 2 peas in the pod for you and one other friend, or choose 3 and represent your trio. You and your tribe can all match with this whimsical personalized necklace.

Peas In A Pod Necklace

Not only do personalized name necklaces let you carry meaning and gift meaningful pieces to the ones you love, but they offer much more. They let you express yourself in a creative way. They let you stay true to yourself and communicate yourself in a unique way. Personalized necklaces can come in all different shapes and sizes. They can also come with different metals, hand-stampings, birthstones, and more. Be creative when picking out a personalized necklace for yourself or a loved one. The Vintage Pearl is here to assist you along the way!

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