hold onto hope charm necklace

hold onto hope charm necklace

You are going to LOVE this beautiful new necklace!! Our sterling silver Hold Onto Hope necklace is absolutely perfect!! Just when you think all hope is lost, don't worry, you are never alone. Hold onto hope, Jesus is always with you! You will get through this! Surround yourself with this beautiful necklace as a reminder that you're going to make it, just keep your eyes on Him.

This piece is such a beautiful everyday reminder for that person in your life that is struggling through a rough season or needs a reminder that they are not alone or forgotten. Even when things are going great this necklace brings a sweet feeling for your grateful heart.

Each sterling silver rectangle is hand cut and made by our artisans in our Tulsa studio. We individually handstamp each letter which makes it even more personal. Hung on your choice of a beautiful sterling silver dainty chain or sterling ball chain.

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