We have several different font options for you to choose from,
which allows you to order a piece that truly fits you and your style,
making it even more unique to you!

 Lovely Vintage Pearl Necklace Circle of Love Necklace

lowercase calligraphy- this font is classy, and our most popular font used on wedding gift pieces.




lowercase plain- the simplest of fonts, looks good on everything and the easiest to read.




lowercase quirky- a fun, playful and a little bit funky font.




lowercase cursive- a simple, cursive font that is pretty and a little elegant.




lowercase whimsy- a casual handwriting font.




lowercase lucy-our newest font, a fun and pretty cursive font that is a little loopy and a bit unpredictable!




lowercase sparrow - a scripted font that is poetic and romantic




Uppercase Block



Mixed Case Ethel Font