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We have several different font options for you to choose from,
which allows you to order a piece that truly fits you and your style,
making it even more unique to you!

 Circle of Love Necklace 

lowercase calligraphy this font is classy, and our most popular font used on wedding gift pieces.




lowercase plain- the simplest of fonts, looks good on everything and the easiest to read.




lowercase quirky- a fun, playful and a little bit funky font.




lowercase cursive- a simple, cursive font that is pretty and a little elegant.




lowercase whimsy- a casual handwriting font.




lowercase lucy- a fun and pretty cursive font that is a little loopy and a bit unpredictable!




lowercase sparrow - a scripted font that is poetic and romantic




uppercase block- a classic striaght line capital font




mixed case ethel font- rounded upper and lowercase letters mixed together





lowercase amelia- a lowercase font that is fun, spunky, and casual




uppercase jane- this all capital has a relaxed handwritten quality




lowercase teacup- a curvy fun easy to read font