Sorry this blog has been so quiet,
my busy life recently became busier-
In the past month I’ve joined bootcamp,
a coed indoor soccer team (with Ryan, Jill and Jill’s hubbie Mark!)
and I’m now the girls high school soccer coach at my kid’s school!

I post on Facebook daily, come connect with us over there if you haven’t already,
and please check back with our Facebook page daily so you don’t miss any fun stuff!!!
We have a new font to debut soon
and will use some of our Facebook friends names to launch it!


The kids and I had fun with Valentine’s this year-
normally I’m a buy-them-at-the-store-and-slap-your-name-on-it kind of mom,
but someone instagrammed their kids’ Valentines on Wednesday with the link for the printable
and it inspired me, so I clicked to the link and found some fun ideas!
Here’s what we ended up with…
 photo kidval1_zpsdd55decc.jpg
For Eden (age 4), she picked out fun, spiky light up bouncy balls at Target-
we put them in sealable bags (from Michaels) and printed out these printables
on purple cardstock (she picked) and then stapled them to the tops of the bags.
She wrote her name on the back of each one
(wish I had taken a pic of that, her “signature” is so cute!)
 photo kidval3_zpsdc322398.jpg
I think Tessa’s (age eight) are my favorite-
my little tomboy picked out plastic bugs ($3 for a pack of 12)
and we printed out this printable on aqua blue paper and glued the bugs on.
 photo kidval2_zps756967b0.jpg
Jonah (age 9) picked out light up yo-yos
(from target, packs of 4 for $3)
and we printed out cards that said “yo-yo valentine, you light up the classroom”,
he cut them out and stapled them on the bags with the yo-yos inside.
 photo kidval4_zpsbce1c453.jpg
Caleb (age 11) chose the whoopee cushions
(again, from Target, packs of 4 for $3)
(sorry teachers, he’s an 11-year-old boy!)
and we used this printable
Caleb cut them out, taped on the whoopee cushions and signed them.

Aren’t they fun?
We had a good time putting them together and each one was less than $20.
Hope you all had a happy love day!


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  1. Melissa S. March 19, 2013 at 8:16 pm · · Reply

    I truly loved all of the Barn Owl primitives pieces, but my favorite was easily the “You are My Sunshine” with all the lyrics, because that is the song I sing every night to my two beautiful girls!!! I would love to see it hanging in each of their rooms!

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