Tessa is giving the “look”.

tessa bball 1-16 blog

Ryan is coaching Tessa’s 6th grade girls basketball team this year — one of the other Dad’s took this picture and it makes me laugh. Tessa (#25) looks like a little annoyed with some of her Dad’s coaching, but she says she wasn’t… 🙂

So far our girls are 5-0, great job ladies!

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local friends, come see us this Saturday!

sugarland store val sale blog

Local friends (Tulsa, Edmond/OKC and SugarLand, TX), come see us this Saturday for our Valentine’s Day sale — everything in the stores will be 25% off plus extra specials and free gifts! Come shop our handstamped jewelry and gifts for your Valentine!

Doors open at 10am, hope to see you there!

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*NEW* Monograms are here!

news mono3

I have recently fallen in love with Monograms and am super excited about our new Monogram Collection! We have added 8 new pieces- 7 monogram necklaces and a monogram ring, all custom made with your personalized monogram.

hearts2 blog

 A few of them, like our “classic heart” monogram necklace (above), are offered in your choice of sterling silver or gold plating (over a sterling silver base).

I just adore our “sweet love” monogram necklace (below), created in sterling with a beautiful pink patina, a pretty Valentine’s Day gift for girls of all ages!

silver heart enamel web

We even have sterling monogram cufflinks for the guys!

cufflinks web

We have several designs to choose from, pick the one that best fits your style! Place your order by this Friday, January 29th to receive in time for Valentine’s Day.


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NEW “love inspired” pieces…

news 2

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, our “new” page is full of new pieces that were inspired by LOVE for you and your Valentine! Here are a few of my favorites:

Our “coordinates of my heart” bracelet is so special — we handstamp the coordinates of the place that’s closest to your heart (could be where you were proposed to, where you baby was born, where your soldier is serving, or maybe you are away at college and your heart is at home)! Finished on a sterling chain with a bronze heart.

Our “inspired by love” necklace is handmade and stamped in fine silver, and was inspired by a favorite scripture verse, 1 COR 16:14 : “let all that you do be done with love”…

Our “connected hearts” necklace has 2 handmade hearts permanently connected and hung on a sterling silver chain. “Whether we are close together or far away, our hearts are always connected”.

Today and tomorrow save 20% off our entire site (including our new pieces) with code “LOVEU20“!


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work hard now…

eden soccer collage blog

so you can kick butt later!

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can’t. stop. talking.

posey roe tee blog

Loving this adorable (and oh-so-true) tee from posey roe, she has lots of cute designs (we also have this one and this one) to choose from.


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Kids Christmas pics, 2015

Every year at Christmas time I take pics of the kids and frame them for the Grandparents…

I love that it makes be get my big camera back out — I’ve gotten way to reliant on my iPhone camera!

 caleb 2 8x10 bw blog

Caleb, age 14, 9th grade

eden 8x10 bw blog

Eden, age 7, 2nd grade

jonah 8x10 bw 1 blog

Jonah, age 12, 7th grade

tessa 8x10 bw 1 blog

Tessa Grace, age 11, 6th grade

These kids can’t be mine, they’re way too big!

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TVP Christmas Party 2015 @ 5 Oaks Lodge

After a long weekend of jewelry making and every Christmas present has been handstamped, assembled and shipped, we are able to take a night off and celebrate with our staff Christmas party!

christmas staff party 2015 blog

We enjoyed a dinner, and then played the “white elephant” game (where they can steal from each other) — Ryan and I like to provide the gifts (enough so every staff member gets to win and leave with something). Tessa helped me shop and wrap all of the gifts this year, she was a trooper!

This year we had our staff Christmas party at 5 Oaks Lodge, it was so beautiful and cozy.

We had a fun night to relax, laugh and unwind — we have such an amazing team!

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Christmas DIY

BLOG-CHRISTMASDIY-7Every once in a while we take a break from the world of handstamped jewelry to have a little DIY Christmas fun!BLOG-CHRISTMASDIY-1If you join us then here’s what you’ll  need:

*Scissors                                                                                                                         *Glue gun and glue sticks                                                                                       *Green Felt or whatever color makes your heart happy!                               *Red ribbon or a bow                                                                                           *Wreath form                                                                                                                 *A good Christmas movie and some hot chocolate                                (Optional but highly recommended!)

(We got all of our materials from Michael’s)

BLOG-CHRISTMASDIY-2The first step is to cut all of your felt into little leaf shapes.

They don’t need to be perfect just have fun with them.                               (You can also fold over the felt when cutting your leaves to speed up the process)

BLOG-CHRISTMASDIY-5We decided to go ahead and take some of our left over felt and cover our frame with it so it has a nice base and no wire would be peaking through

Then just start glueing!


You want to place your glue dot at the base of your leaf so you can continue the leaves and keep tucking them under the last one so it will be full.

BLOG-CHRISTMASDIY-6Just keep the leaves going the same direction all the way around until they meet again so its seamless.

Then you are ready to add your bow!


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Behind the scenes at Christmas


Christmas time is here at The Vintage Pearl!



We are working hard to get all your gifts stamped, molded, assembled, baked, fused, brushed, wrapped and sent out the door to be tucked under your tree in time for Christmas!




Merry Christmas from everyone here at TVP!

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Share a Blessing this Christmas!

It’s time to bless others again this year!
This is our fifth year to do this and one of my most favorite things ever,
to see what some past recipients have had to say about it
click here.


We LOVE to bless people,
and we LOVE surprises,
so this Christmas season we want to help you share some unexpected love and joy with others!

Do you know someone who is going through some tough times
and needs to be blessed with a meaningful “pick me up”?
Let’s bless someone that could use some extra holiday cheer this year with a sweet gift–
we want to send them a surprise package with a TVP goodie!

To nominate someone for a surprise anonymous blessing
simply send us an email at customerservice@thevintagepearl.com–
put “SHARE A BLESSING” in the subject box,
briefly tell us (2-3 sentences) WHY you are nominating this person,
and we also need to know:
1. their name
2. their address
3. customizing info
(kids names, meaningful words or a special date, whatever you think will put a smile on their face!)
Please send all information in ONE email.

Please note: you will not be notified if your person was chosen and it will be sent anonymously,
but we’d love to hear about it if your nomination receives a blessing from us!

Thanks for helping us spread some surprise blessings,
please understand that we may not be able to do them ALL,
but we will bless as many as we can this year!

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Hope for Nepal.

We are so saddened about the catastrophic earthquake in Nepal- thousands have died and thousands more desperately need help. We have teamed up with Convoy of Hope to help bring relief to them. Learn more about Convoy of Hope and how they are helping HERE.
 photo NEPAL-HOPE share.jpg

50% of every “Hope for Nepal” necklace sold will be donated to help aid in this relief, let’s work together to give the people of Nepal help and HOPE! A forever keepsake to remind us that together we can bring hope even in the toughest adversity.

This piece was designed and handmade by us in Tulsa, OK in fine pewter and hung on your choice of chain with a freshwater pearl. Your piece will ship from our studio in 4-6 weeks. Get yours HERE.

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Share a Blessing for MOM!

It’s “share a blessing” time again-
this is one of my most favorite thing we do at TVP!

We are asking you to help us bless others for Mother’s Day…
we LOVE to bless people, and we LOVE surprises,
we want to help you share some unexpected love and joy with others!
 photo sab15.jpg
Do you know a mother who is going through some tough times
and needs to be blessed with a meaningful “pick me up”?
Together let’s bless someone that could use a sweet anonymous gift,
to show them someone is thinking of them who cares—
we want to send them a surprise package with a TVP goodie!

To nominate someone for a surprise blessing:
simply send us an email at customerservice@thevintagepearl.com by Saturday, May 2–
put “A BLESSING FOR MOM” in the subject box,
briefly (2-3 sentences please) tell us WHY you are nominating this person,
and we also need to know:
1. their name
2. their address
3. customizing info
(kids names, meaningful words or a special date,
whatever you think will put a smile on their face!)

Thank you for helping us spread some blessings and making moms feel loved!
Please understand that we may not be able to do them ALL,
but we will bless as many as we can for Mother’s Day!

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Brody the BRAVE.

Jordan and Mindi Linscombe met at ORU, have been married almost 10 years, and love living in Colorado Springs with their 3 little boys: Bear (5), Brody (2), and Blake (3 months).
 photo brody2.jpg
Over the past several months, Brody had some swollen lymph nodes in his neck that most doctors just assumed was due to infection. Then in February, Mindi and Jordan persisted to have some additional tests done for Brody because his neck kept getting bigger.

After several days in the hospital, they found out their little boy had cancer.

It’s a rare form of cancer called Anaplastic Lymphoma.

It was a crazy feeling as parents to one day be talking about whether to put Brody in soccer this summer, versus the next day discussing what kind of treatment options they would choose to save his life the next.

Their life completely came to a halt. Brody immediately started undergoing chemotherapy and has a long road to recovery with at least a year of treatments. The Linscombes are facing many new adjustments with this diagnosis including, changes in Mindi & Jordan’s work dymanics, a new level of isolation as Brody is immunocompromised, navigating the new relationship with Brody’s brothers, and many more. They appreciate all the support of their faith, family, and friends because they know they would not make it without them.
 photo brody1.jpg
a note from Mindi:
We have been calling our son “Brody The Brave” because he has been so strong through all of the difficult days he has had in the hospital, and at home. Brody has had to undergo several lumbar treatments where he went under anesthesia, breathing treatments sometimes every hour, numerous blood draws, a blood transfusion, and the list goes on.

For a 2-year old, we think he’s pretty brave.

However, in our time at the hospital, we have met and heard so many other stories of kids and people that are undergoing some very hard things – other rare forms of cancer, multiple family members with cancer, rare disease, job loss, infertility, disability, the list goes on. Brody is not alone and neither are we. We have been surrounded by brave people that are facing these hard things every day with courage.

We like to think of Brody as part of a bigger group of people that have gone before us, are going with us, and will go after us…”the BRAVE“.

TVP has teamed up with the Linscombe’s and created this necklace for them…
 photo brody the brave.jpg
A portion of each necklace sold will be given to the family to aid with financial medical needs,
please join us and show your support!

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Biz Town.

Tessa had a great day at Biz Town, she was the Mayor!
 photo biz town 1.jpg
 photo biz town 3.jpg
 photo biz town 2.jpg
 photo biz town 4.jpg
She said it was the BEST SCHOOL DAY EVER!

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The randomly picked winner of our brand new “believer” charm necklaces is…
 photo blog believer wire cross_1.jpg
Sarah Jones, who said: I would choose Amethyst. Not only is it my son’s birthstone, it was my wonderful grandfather’s as well. My grandfather passed away in July 2009, and it February 2011, my son was born on what would have been my grandfather’s 74th birthday. So it holds a very special meaning!

Congrats Sarah, we will be contacting you for a ship-to address soon!

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