Our family began geocaching 4 years ago
and it’s something we randomly do together as a family.
This weekend we introduced Jonah’s friend, Jun, to geocaching,
I think he had fun!
 photo geo2.jpg
We found 3 on the way home from church!
 photo geo1.jpg
We use an app on our iPhones to get the coordinates, a map and clues to help us drive around and find the hidden “treasures” right here in our town- some are just minutes from our house. When you find the treasures, you take something from the container and then you leave something. Some are big treasures and some are small trinkets or toys, but the fun is in the hunt, and then you sign the log inside with your geocache name to show you found it.

Here is the app we use:
 photo geo3.jpg
They all are over the world, so everyone can play.

We are planning to leave a few geocaches soon and use the app to watch and see who finds it,
so much fun!

Who else likes to geocache?

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