I’m so sorry to those of you that are tired of hearing the word “Houston” and “Sugar Land”,
I know it’s been all we’ve talked about lately
but it’s just been so exciting for us!
 photo houstongo1.jpg
Friday we unofficially opened the doors for a soft opening while we finished up things inside,
and then Saturday morning we OFFICIALLY opened up our doors!
The weather was beautiful…
 photo houstongo4.jpg
People started to trickle in at 10am,
and by noon we had a store full of customers,
and it stayed that way pretty much the entire day…
 photo houstongo6.jpg
Ryan picked up Tessa from school at lunchtime on Friday and flew her down with him to be a part of the grand opening Saturday-
she REALLY wanted to come down and help!
 photo houstongo5.jpg
Tate (our IT guy) took her for an ice cream break and brought her back a chocolate mess!
(thanks, Tate).
 photo houstongo7-1.jpg

This is Melisa, (ME-LEE-SUH) our new store manager-
she and her team did an amazing job getting everything ready!
 photo houstongo3.jpg
We served fresh coffee and these beautiful Latin American cupcakes-
from Sweets by Belen
the apple ones were my fave- so delish!
 photo houstongo2.jpg
I’m so thankful and humbled by everyone’s support-
we had people drive over an hour to be a part of our big day!
 photo houstongo8-2.jpg
I’m still in awe sometimes how many people come to shop our stores.
Thank you, Houston friends, for making us feel so welcomed!

And also thank you to our entire team that helped get this store up and running,
we appreciate you all!
The 3 raffle winners are
1. Jessica Armentor
(she guessed correct- Tessa had a soccer cake!)
2. Carolyn Hubbel
(for wearing a TVP piece)
3. Dena Flores
(she was the closest guess to pearls in the jar, she guessed 568 and there were 580)
We will be contacting you today!


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  1. Looks fantastic! Congrats again.


  2. A friend and I stopped in on Friday. I was so happy that you were open already since I couldn’t come out Saturday. I will be back soon!

  3. Congratulations! That’s so exciting. Not to be rude, but whoever did your “free coffee” sign should probably do your outside “sale” sign, too. The “fresh coffee” looks really nice.

    • Tessa (my 9 year old) did the outside sign, and she was so proud of herself that I couldn’t erase it, it was just for one day 🙂

  4. Congrats on your newest store, Erin! Way to work hard for your dreams! You are one amazing lady, and such an inspiration 🙂

  5. Theresa Young November 8, 2013 at 7:27 am · · Reply

    My friend and I are having a “Girls Weekend” in Houston 13th-17th. I’m from Chicago, Illinois. She is from Phoenix, Arizona. When I saw the post about the opening, I had a great thought to bring her in the store & find a special something for the both of us. We try to get away every year or two, she is a loyal and wonderful pal. We have never been to Houston and I look forward to warm weather and shopping at the Sugar Land Plaza. See you soon and Congratulations! P.S. I love the coffee sign your daughter made ;-).

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