Caleb ran for Mayor!

Last week Caleb (5th grade) ran for the mayor of Biz Town— he picked a campaign manager from class, made campaign posters, (his slogan was “for success, choose the best, vote Caleb”!) and prepared a speech which he had to give in front of all of the 5th grade! (isn’t he so cute in his dress shirt and tie?) After the speeches each of the candidates (there were 15!) walked around each of the classrooms to shake hands, ask for votes and give them their incentives (candies, cookies, etc.)

I was so incredibly proud of him, he worked hard on it. I was such a quiet and shy kid growing up, there’s NO WAY I would have ran for mayor, knowing I would have to write and give a speech! And although he was nervous, I think Caleb did SO GOOD, I’m so thankful for his boldness!

The classmates voted, Caleb did not win (BUMMER!)
so we celebrated the loss with an ice cream cone on the way home from school!

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how God speaks, a stamper’s testimony.

It was a Wednesday morning and everything already seemed to be going wrong. I felt sick, I was tired and woke up with my back hurting from my bed for the last week and I had been arguing with my husband about everything under the sun.

I was looking forward to work and seeing all the girls in the stamping room. As I walked into The Vintage Pearl studio, my boss asked me to stamp a special order for a lady that said “choose joy”. While stamping we make our pieces one letter at a time. So as I worked on this order I was forced to “c-h-o-o-s-e-j-o-y”. It was getting pounded into my head over and over and in turn letting me see how I needed to choose joy in the midst of everything. I had to stamp almost 100 of those and by the end I was choosing joy and feeling much happier.

After I had finished I was asked to stamp pieces that simply said “faith”. As I was stamping out the first piece God opened my eyes again and showed me how I needed to have faith about things in my life. I actually giggled because I thought how awesome God is for using the little things like work to show us how much He still cares about us. After completing “faith” came “grace”. This one was one I didn’t want to stamp because I knew how I had not had grace towards my husband lately and chose to be hurt and mad. But again God took that time of stamping and made it a time of healing and teaching. It was almost time for me to go home and I started the final charm I had to make and it said “mercy”. I didn’t get many done but just enough for God to start talking to me.

And as I clocked out and drove home for the night I felt like I had been renewed and was so excited to tell my husband about all God had talked to me about!


This is from Whitney, one of our amazing stampers,
thanks for sharing Whitney!

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a winner and pinning.

We loved reading about all of your secret keepers,
anyone with a secret keeper is blessed to have that special person!

The randomly picked winner of the secret keeper necklace is: Heather D., who said:
My best friend, Nikki. I know I can tell her anything, and she’ll still love me. She’s truly the sister of my heart.

Heather, please email us at!


I had taken a pretty long but unintentional break from pinterest,
until just a couple days ago- I peeked on there and got sucked back into
gazing at all of the fun and beautiful things on there!
Here are a few of my recent pins:

This is so easy but an amazing transformation, makes all of those old tins useable again!!

I just love old windows, we have a couple at the store…

I NEED this in my laundry room!

Love this outfit, feeling ready for Spring already!

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Check out the side bookshelves, just add-ons from IKEA, awesome!

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

This totally made me smile!

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

This is so true, I have to remind myself of this sometimes:

Do you pin?
Come follow me here!

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who’s your secret keeper? (a giveaway!)

Who’s your Secret Keeper?
Maybe it’s your sister, your closest friend, your Mom-
who can you share and pour your heart to?

It’s the person who keeps your secrets–
she locks them up and throws away the key-
or in this case, she strings it on her necklace!

Honor and celebrate friendship with this sweet secret keeper necklace,
give your closest friend a meaningful gift!

Let’s give one away!

Tell us who your secret keeper is in the comments below to be entered.

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Edmond store tour (the before pics).

Jill, JuneAnne, Adri and I traveled down to Edmond
to take measurements and get a game plan together of what needs to be done before we move in.
I thought it would be fun to give you all a peek!

Right now it’s a BEAUTIFUL boutique called “S Boutique”,
and it’s super cute!
When you first walk in, to the left there is a cubbie for a window display,
(which we love since in our Tulsa store it’s tough to have a window display)

Straight ahead you see…

Fun leopard carpet,
pretty purple and yellow paint,
beautiful chandeliers,
white trim and molding,
white counter, cabinets and shelving…
but none of it says “The Vintage Pearl” like our Tulsa store,
so most all of it all has to change…

We need hardwood floors throughout,
taupe paint,
crystal chandeliers,
black trim, counters
and dark shelving…

Back there on both sides are these adorable dressing rooms…
they even have flat screen tv’s on the wall in them!

Unfortunately, we don’t need dressing rooms,
we need work space,
so they have to be reconstructed.

There’s LOTS to do.
Thankfully we have a great team who is behind us and helping us get it all done,
I will share the after pics when we are finished!

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The randomly picked winner of the chunky and layered ring is Shelli Long, who said: I would put Chris and shelli. My husband is deployed right now. He was first in Iraq and now in Kuwait and they may be sending him to Afghanistan for a couple months. He left may 2011 and we won’t see him again until may of 2012. I have two kids and we really miss him. I would put Chris and shelli to remind me of my husband and how much I miss him and respect what he is doing for our country.

The randomly picked winner of the “owl always love you” necklace is Renee Pattison, who said: My husband of 7 years! I love reading everyone else’s sweet sentiments regarding their loved valentines!

Shelli and Renee-
please email us at with your address so we can ship out your new pieces! Congrats!


We have a few more new designs to share next week,
and we just might give one or two away again,
so be sure to check back!

Our weekend is filled with basketball games, indoor soccer, and baseball (already!),
hope you all have a great weekend!

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Edmond, our new store (so exciting!)

We have taken a few road trips down the turnpike looking for a new retail store
and we found it in Edmond, OK!
In March, we’ll be opening up our second store and moving in here…

… in the CUTEST shopping center Spring Creek Village at 15th & Bryant.

We are super excited about expanding
and I’m EXTRA excited because Edmond is my home town!


This means we need new retail staff in Edmond
and we will be conducting interviews in February-
if you’re interested we’d love to meet with you!
Please email us your resume to

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“owl” always love you. (a giveaway!)

Whooo loves you?
and whooo do you love?

The sweetest and cutest vintage owl is made in fine silver
with a heart fused on the back with you and your loved one’s initials,
it’s reversible!

Would be perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Let’s give one away!
Simply tell us below who your valentine is this year to enter.
Blog, tweet and facebook for extra entries
(please leave separate comments for each).

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chunky & layered (a giveaway!)

Our brand new ring,
it’s layered and chunky
and fits up to 15 letters
in your choice of font,
shop for them here.

I’d like to give one away,
simply tell us what you would have stamped on yours
in the comments below to be entered!

Happy Sunday!

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Yesterday it was about 60 degrees outside,
and then this morning we woke up to this:

It’s not much,
but it made the kids morning fabulous!

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blessed by you.

We received hundreds of “share a blessing” nominations,
and while we couldn’t fulfill them all (like we would have liked to!)
we were able to send out close to 100 of them!

I just wanted to share a few emails and facebook notes we have received
and show how blessed the recipients were that you nominated:

Thank you for the “blessing” you sent to my mother. She LOVED her necklace, and my daughter and niece were so excited because they are positive Nana got a real present from “Santa”!


I wish to Thank the The Vintage Pearl staff & whomever nominated me for the “Share A Blessing giveaway”. I was surprised when it came in the mail. Of course, tears immediately came to my eyes it was so beautiful and special. I then looked your company up, I am a super curious person, I am not sure if I am right or not in that Erin made the necklace for me. I broke down when I read your bio and really felt strongly it was you. Thank you so much! You by the Grace of God will never have to know what this act of kindness means to me and the strength I feel from it. Much admiration to you all & the voter, Merry Christmas!!!!


Hi there, I wrote in to tell you about my friend who is going through some very hard times. Well today she called to say she got a necklace with a Bible verse on it. She was soooooo happy as she had a very hard day today. I can not thank you enough for what you have done.Words can’t describe how I feel. You are so kind for doing this. May the Lord Bless you always. Merry Christmas and a Blessed new year!!!


Erin and the TVP Staff,
Thank you so much for blessing my friend with a necklace. She just called me and said how beautiful it was and how it made her year! Thank you for being a blessing to others and giving back to those who need a lift!!


The Vintage Pearl Gang:
I just wanted to share with you that my sister was one of the recipients of your Christmas gift give-away that I had entered her in because of the hard time she has had this past year. She called me this morning and had received her necklace and made a guess that it was from me. It has her son’s name and her future son’s name (due in April) engraved on it. We both just cried!!! I could hardly believe that she was one of the chosen people. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and generosity. It is a beautiful thing this time of year to see a company like yours being so giving. You made her day and I’m forever grateful and will continue shopping your store and telling all my loved ones about you. Have a very blessed and Merry Christmas!!! Thank you so very much!


I just received a necklace in the mail as part of your Share a Blessing. I am beyond speechless, I don’t know who thought I deserved a piece of your jewelry but whoever that person is…Thank you. May God Bless you & your family! Merry Christmas!


My heartfelt and tearful thanks go out to whoever is responsible for
this beautiful package that came in the mail today. I didn’t make a
Christmas list this year because I knew we weren’t able to do gifts.
The one thing I would have asked for was a piece of “Mommy” jewelry.
Something with an X (the first letter of my son’s name). No one knew
that… except God. Even in these trying times, I have wealth beyond
my dreams.


I just wanted to thank you all for sending my sister-in-law (Michelle Martin) a lovely blessing of a beautiful heart necklace with her daughter’s name on it. She posted a picture of it on her facebook page and it is absolutely beautiful! I know she was delighted and overwhelmed to have received such a beautiful gift. It surely brightened her day. It also brightened my day to know that you blessed such a lovely woman and mother with a special gift. Thank you so much for doing that and for all that you have done for others. It is truly appreciated! Thank you so much!


Dear The Vintage Pearl,
I wanted to thank you so very much for the opportunity to nominate someone for the Share a Blessing. My friend received her gift and was speechless. She couldn’t believe that someone would think of her at this time, and send her an amazing present like that. Everyone one at The Vintage Pearl are amazing people. You guys are the greatest for thinking of others during this time of year and make someone else feel so very special. Thank you once again for everything and especially for all you do. I love my necklace that I received in May, and I am so very happy that my friend can now have a beautiful piece of jewelry to remember her husband.


I have been meaning to write a thank-you note, and mail it. I have not had a chance yet, so thought I would post this on your wall as a quick thank-you. This is an amazing and beautiful gift! I do not know who nominated me, but I am so blessed to have someone even think of me. I definitely needed a pick me up this holiday season. This arrived just in time to get me in the Christmas spirit! It was a very tough year.


I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you. I was one of the recipients of your blog giveaway to bless people this Christmas. To say I was blown away is an understatement. This necklace is absolutely stunning. I never could justify buying something like this for myself. We have 7 amazing kids and someone is always needing something so I usually don’t spend much on myself. I am beyond thankful for this amazing gift. The reason God has blessed this business so much is the heart behind the brand so beautifully personifies Christ. You made this mamas Christmas merry and for that I thank you.

* * *

Thank you to all that nominated and helped us bless others,
surprise blessings are extra fun!!!

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I got a new lens for my camera last week…
I haven’t bought a new lens in almost 2 years,
I was more than excited when it arrived and began shooting pics of whatever was close by–
the tea kettle, a pile pf socks, and of poor Ryan who was trying to talk to me about something at the time,
but I was too engrossed in my new lens (sorry Ryan!)

Then Caleb walked into the room,
and became my new target,
and I’m so glad he did because I just love this one…

I’d like to frame it…

…do you prefer the picture in color
or black and white?

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my personal assistant.

Remember when my “personal assistant” used to answer my phone sometimes?

Well, now she’s texting…

Sometimes she just texts jibberish…

and now that she knows how to spell her name,
sometimes she just randomly texts her name…

It happens enough that either way my friends simply reply “hi Eden!”

Something I love and want to always remember!

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Tessa showed me this morning she has a loose tooth.
After showing me many “loose” teeth this past year I was excited to see this one REALLY IS wiggly!
Being 7 years old in the second grade,
she is the only one in her class that has not yet lost a tooth,
(both of the boys were the last ones in their classes, too)
and so to her this is a BIG deal-
she is constantly wiggling it now since Jonah told her this will speed up the process
(I love hearing his “big brother wisdom”!)

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ornaments on sale!

We have just a few of our
vintage snowflake ornaments and our vintage star ornaments left
and they are on sale for just $28!
Grab a custom keepsake ornament for next year at a great price!

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