I got this idea from Ashley and had to give it a try.
It’s SO easy and makes a special gift!

You need:
1. a large glass votive (I got mine for $3 at Micheael’s)
2. vellum paper (also from Michael’s, under $1)
3. a candle (found one laying around the house)

1. Pick your picture and print it out on vellum paper,
I picked this one of my brother and his kids:
2. Wrap the velum paper around the large glass votive,
tape it in the back,
and then add the candle inside…
Looks great in the day,
or turn the lights out and enjoy!
Such a sweet gift for grandparents, friends, moms, etc. (or brothers!)


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  1. So beautiful as a gift to shine light on those we love!

  2. great for kids to make for grandparents…neat idea.! everyone loves pictures and candles..the two together are extra special

  3. Thanks for sharing! Love this!

  4. I love love love this! I can’t wait to try it.

  5. Where can you purchase the Paper for this?

    • I got mine at our local michaels store, but you can also get it at hobby lobby and any paper store.

      • Thanks! Im thinking this would be an asome christmas present! Especially for my Grandma turning 95 that I can not think of anything to get her! Thank you!

  6. Oh how awesome! I want to try that now. lol Thanks for this post. You did an awesome job.


  7. What a neat idea! You did a great job. What size picture did you print on the vellum?

  8. What printer did you use on the vellum

  9. What weight vellum did you use for this????

  10. mine came out way too light. no detail to most of the print, most faces washed away.
    any suggestions?

  11. It’s safe to burn with that insidw?

  12. It’s safe to burn with that inside?

  13. What size is that for pic ?

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